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Cosmic Creations: Navigating AI Art with Midjourney

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence, Branding | 0 comments

For centuries, humans have used art to express emotions, illustrate realities, and convey ideas. Today, I want to take you on a unique artistic journey, not through the conventional canvas or sculpture but through the universe of AI-generated art, using Midjourney.

For newbies, Midjourney is an AI-based tool that translates text prompts into visual art. But the real journey begins when you realize the vast possibilities, much like the cosmos itself. With a mere tweak of your prompt or a dash of descriptive creativity, you can explore an infinite spectrum of art styles, from realism to abstraction, and everything in between.

Our mission? To create a set of brand assets for Supernova Media, with each one embracing a different artistic style. The main character of our cosmic saga? Yours truly, envisioned as a short grey-haired, glasses-wearing robot riding a rocket through the celestial cosmos.

MidJourney prompt

Here are the artistic styles we explored using the prompt above, then adding the style choices below:

3D Renderings: This style offers impressive depth and realism. They bring objects to life by giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

Cartoon: With its playful, simplified, and often exaggerated features, this style evokes fun and whimsy, making it perfect for light-hearted themes.

Minimalism: This style reduces subjects to their most basic shapes and colors, focusing on the ‘less is more’ principle. It’s all about saying a lot with a little. 

Watercolor: Known for their dreamy and fluid aesthetics, watercolors create a gentle, flowing effect, perfect for conveying softness or ethereal vibes.

Impressionism: This style attempts to capture the sensory effect of a scene, focusing on the overall impression rather than fine details.

Abstract: This style breaks away from traditional representation. It’s about evoking feelings and ideas using colors, shapes, and textures. 

Surrealism: This style blends reality with dreamlike elements, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the normal and the fantastical. (I have questions ….)

Black and White: Stripping away color brings focus to form, texture, and contrast. This style can create dramatic, timeless, and emotionally rich visuals.

Sketch: Sketch style imitates hand-drawn sketches, with visible lines and shading that suggest a work-in-progress or a draft concept. It has a raw and spontaneous feel.

Despite the awe-inspiring journey, we encountered some asteroids along the way. Midjourney, like its AI counterparts, has limitations – it cannot add logos or specific text, it doesn’t recognize color values, and it cannot render real-world locations.

While Midjourney created some striking visuals, achieving a cohesive set of brand assets remains a challenge for AI. For now, AI can’t replace the human touch of an experienced designer who aligns with your vision and brings your brand identity to life.

Some stellar advice? Combine the best of both worlds: Use AI, like Midjourney, for inspiration and initial drafts, and let a professional designer refine and actualize your creative vision. This stellar collaboration can propel your brand assets beyond the stratosphere!

While we ride the rocket of AI and technology, it’s important to appreciate the journey and marvel at the advances AI has made in the creative field. However, there’s still plenty of room in the cockpit for human creativity and craftsmanship.

So, spacefarers, we’ve seen Midjourney’s take on various artistic styles, all unique in their own right. Each voyage into a new art style has brought its own revelations, much like exploring new galaxies! Now it’s your turn.

We’d love to hear from you! Which of these styles resonates with you? Do you have any questions about how Midjourney interpreted our cosmic adventure? Or how long it took? 

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and questions in the comments section below. We can’t wait to hear what you think! After all, the universe becomes more fascinating when we explore it together. Until our next interstellar journey, stay curious and keep reaching for the stars!