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Attention Real Estate Agents🚨: Ignite your ChatGPT Journey with Prompt Engineering Supernova!

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Real Estate Marketing | 0 comments

Dear Cosmonauts of the Real Estate Universe, fasten your seatbelts as your trusted Captain of Supernova Media, unveils the galactic importance of prompts as the fuel to your ChatGPT rocket. 🚀 Prompt engineering is step one in your mission to implementing ChatGPT technology!

ChatGPT is like your personal starship’s AI, ready to explore the cosmos of communication. Picture ChatGPT as an incredibly smart space robot that can write and communicate almost like a human. Now, prompts are the special commands that you use to tell this robot what to do. Think of them as the navigational co-ordinates you input into your starship’s computer. By giving ChatGPT clear and precise prompts, you ensure that your starship reaches the most dazzling galaxies in the content universe!” 

Stellar, right? Now let’s dive into the cosmos of prompt engineering with ChatGPT:

1. Define the Role for ChatGPT:

From being your stellar content writer crafting enticing property descriptions to a vigilant market analyst delivering real estate trends, ChatGPT’s capabilities know no bounds in the real estate cosmos. Here are a few examples of roles you can assign to ChatGPT:

  • 🏡 Property Describer: Use ChatGPT to create captivating descriptions for the properties you are listing. For example, “Craft a description for a 4-bedroom Victorian house with a pool and a beautiful garden.”
  • 📊 Market Analyst: Have ChatGPT be your eyes on the market! Assign it the task of summarizing recent real estate market trends. For example, “Provide a summary of last month’s real estate market trends in Chicago.”
  • ✍️ Email Composer: Task ChatGPT with composing professional emails to clients or colleagues. For instance, “Compose an email to a potential buyer, informing them about an upcoming open house.”
  • 📑 Document Reviewer: Let ChatGPT take the role of your first-pass reviewer for documents like contracts or agreements. For example, “Review this purchase agreement and list any unusual clauses.”
  • 🧭 Appointment Scheduler: Utilize ChatGPT as your scheduling assistant, helping you to manage appointments with clients. For instance, “Draft a response to a client who wants to schedule a property viewing appointment next week.”

Defining the role is like setting your starship on the right course through the vast space of possibilities! 

2. Utilize the SMART framework:

Chart your course through the galaxy of ChatGPT by ensuring your prompts align with the SMART framework. This framework helps in creating clear and achievable goals.

  • Specific: Clearly define the task. Narrow down the scope of your request to make sure that ChatGPT knows exactly what you need.
  • Measurable: Set quantitative measures. This ensures that you can measure the success or progress of the task.
  • Achievable: Ensure that what you’re asking is within ChatGPT’s cosmic powers. It’s essential to know the limitations and not ask for something beyond its capabilities.
  • Relevant: Make sure that the task aligns with your mission. It should contribute to the objectives you have as a real estate agent.
  • Time-bound: Set a timeline for the task if necessary. While ChatGPT typically responds quickly, setting a timeline helps in goal setting for your own workflow.


  • Specific: ChatGPT, I need you to draft a detailed email about the open house next weekend.
  • Measurable: For 50 potential clients. Include property details, time, and a call-to-action to RSVP.
  • Achievable: This should be doable with the information I provided.
  • Relevant: Make it engaging and professional to attract potential buyers.
  • Time-bound: I need this email draft within the next 2 hours.

By using the SMART framework, you’ll be navigating through the ChatGPT cosmos with precision and purpose. 🌌

3. Allocate a Clear Task to GPT:

Be laser-focused on what you want ChatGPT to accomplish. Incorporate options and frameworks to streamline its response.

For example, say “ChatGPT, using the 5-Point Summary framework (see Frameworks below), create a report highlighting the investment potential of this 3-bedroom house in San Francisco.”

Here, the task is clear and specific. You’re asking ChatGPT to evaluate the investment potential, and by specifying a framework, you guide the response structure for clarity and precision.

4. Format – Command the Cosmos with Structure:

Steer the ship of content with authority by dictating the format. ChatGPT can adapt to various structures, whether it be bullet points, numbered lists, sections, paragraphs, or even tables. Specifying the desired format helps you to tailor the information effectively.

For example, if you want to highlight the features of a property, you can command ChatGPT like this: “ChatGPT, present the top 5 amenities of this property in bullet points.” This ensures that the information is succinct and easy to digest for the reader.

Alternatively, if you need an in-depth market analysis, you can request, “ChatGPT, provide a detailed report on current real estate trends in Nova Scotia, broken down into sections covering housing prices, rent rates, and future predictions.”

You can even use markdown options for a stylish and polished finish. For instance, “ChatGPT, create a table comparing the pros and cons of investing in commercial vs. residential properties.”

By guiding the format, you are the captain at the helm, navigating through the cosmos of content with precision and grace.

5. Use Existing Frameworks for Precision:

Frameworks organize data into actionable insights:

  • SWOT Analysis: Evaluates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action – a formula for persuasive communication.
  • The 5Cs: Company, Customers, Competitors, Collaborators, and Climate – a strategy for understanding key components of marketing.
  • Porter’s Five Forces: Analyzes competition and market attractiveness.
  • The 4 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion – the vital marketing mix.
  • PESTLE: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors affecting your business.

Example: “ChatGPT, using the SWOT analysis, evaluate this residential area for potential investors.”

6. Set the Tone – Shape the Atmosphere of Your Communication:

Like the changing hues of distant nebulae, the tone of your content can shift and transform the perception of your message. ChatGPT is adept at adjusting to different tonal preferences, adding layers of emotions and feelings to your communication. Command ChatGPT to create content with the tone that resonates with your audience.

  • Enthusiastic and Visionary: As in the example, “ChatGPT, craft an AIDA-based, attention-grabbing invitation for a property showing, that sets an enthusiastic and visionary tone.” This tone will convey excitement and the endless possibilities awaiting potential buyers.
  • Professional and Formal: “ChatGPT, write a formal letter addressing the clients about the scheduled maintenance of the building, providing all the necessary details in a professional tone.” Perfect for official communication, where conveying information clearly and respectfully is key.
  • Friendly and Inviting: “ChatGPT, create a social media post announcing an open house, using a friendly and inviting tone.” This approachable tone can attract a broader audience and make them feel welcome to participate.
  • Authoritative and Informative: “ChatGPT, generate a market analysis report on recent real estate trends with an authoritative and informative tone.” This tone establishes credibility and a sense of expertise in the content.
  • Inspiring and Motivational: “ChatGPT, write a team email celebrating the company’s recent achievements and encouraging everyone to aim for even greater heights, with an inspiring and motivational tone.” Use this tone to uplift and galvanize your team or audience.

Understanding and utilizing the right tone is akin to choosing the perfect background stars for the constellation you are creating. It’s an essential part of engaging effectively with your audience and achieving your communication goals.

Harness the cosmic powers of ChatGPT and transform your interstellar communication, analysis, and customer engagement to unmatched heights.

Embark on your ChatGPT adventure and await the launch of Agents of The Future – Agents AI Mastery Bundle by Supernova Media, featuring 1200 curated prompts that will turbocharge your real estate conquests! 🌠

Captain, Supernova Media, signing off.