How can real estate agents benefit from Pinterest? w/Infographic.

 Pinterest for Realtors® Pinterest for real estate agents: Buyers spend more money, more often, on more items on Pinterest than any of the other top 5 social media sites. Pinterest generates 4x more revenue (per click) than Twitter, and 27% more per click than Facebook. And finally, 80% of total Pinterest pins are repins. The stats speak for themselves. Real estate agents don’t have to be rocket scientists to acknowledge the potential of Pinterest. We taught you how to gain exposure … [Read more...]

Missing: Google Keyword Insights and What You Can Do

As of the end of September Google started redirecting all traffic to encrypted searches using https, which means no more organic keyword data for website owners. As a result you can’t track and segment your visitors by keywords like before using analytics software, except if you are running PPC ads since paid search referrers are still available. If you are wondering what words and phrases people are searching for when they come to your website, or how relevant your site is to readers, well... … [Read more...]

How Crucial Is Social Media for Your SEO Ranking?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, have been around long enough for everyone to realize their huge importance as marketing and communication channels. But, not everyone is fully aware how crucial social media actually is for the search engine friendliness of their websites. For a long time webmasters simply created keyword rich pages with content that satisfied robots’ criteria and generated inbound links (mostly through link farms) to be able to rank high in search engines’ results of social media … [Read more...]

How to optimize your Facebook business page for search

On August 7 Facebook completed the roll-out of its Graph Search for all users. For those new to Facebook the Graph Search is like a new search engine, with results that include only publicly available content on the social site and personalized around users’ connections, likes and interests. Google for example gives results from everything available on the Internet worldwide and based on the words and phrases their users search for. Still, we are talking about a pretty large database of over a … [Read more...]

AdWords vs Adsense – What’s the difference?

Today’s generation of businesses share their content, merchandise, articles and services on the web. It’s a pretty competitive and tough market. Especially if you have a lot of competition for your keywords like we do at Supernova. ie: Nova Scotia Web Design. A lot of factors come in to play when Google determines the order of search results when you type in a search query like: Nova Scotia Web Design: Googlebots crawl billions of sites looking for new and updated content. The more often you … [Read more...]

Deeper into Yoast: Page Analysis, Advanced Options & Social Media

Last week, we looked at the basics of using WordPress SEO by Yoast to optimize your posts for search engine rankings. But we barely scratched the surface! In today's post, we look under the hood, diving deeper into Yoast’s full range of features. Page Analysis Page analysis is one of the most useful tools provided by Yoast. Basically, it judges your post according to about a dozen SEO-friendly metrics. On the right, you can see the page analysis for my post on WordPress captions, which used … [Read more...]

WordPress SEO: Optimizing Your Posts with Yoast

Search engine optimization is one of the great cottage industries of the last decade. Often confusing and arcane, SEO is also absolutely indispensable. Fortunately, WordPress plug-in developers have created a number of tools to assist everyday users in search-optimizing their sites. One great SEO tool for WordPress (as well as one of our favourite plugins overall!) is Yoast. But let’s step back for a second. Many people have asked me whether SEO is really worth the time and effort. Why … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of LinkedIn

Get the most out of LinkedIn by optimizing your profile for search and utilizing it as a powerful lead generation tool. LinkedIn facts: As of August, 2013, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 238 million members in over 200 countries and territories. (with 74 million in the US and 7 million in Canada) LinkedIn is a powerful tool for lead generation; establishing yourself as an authority in your niche market, all the while providing a strong … [Read more...]

The Lowdown on WordPress Images

Alternative text, title, description, caption – WordPress images can seem rather confusing to the beginner. What do these various elements mean, and how are they relevant to readers? In this week's post, we take a look at the different elements in WordPress images, as well as the thorny topic of image attribution. Below is a breakdown of the various descriptive elements that relate to WordPress images. You can see these when you add an image, as well as change them from the Media Library or … [Read more...]

6 reasons you need a Google+ account

Rumored to increase your search engine ranking, First came the +1 button, Google's way of tracking your interests to ensure it serves up the content you like. Shortly after, came Google+ and at it's one year anniversary in June 2012, it had a total of 250 million registered users of whom 150 million are active. What makes Google Plus a game changer is that it integrates search engine optimization and social with your identity into the Search Engine Results (SERPs) page. Then came Google Inside … [Read more...]