5 Tips for a Great Profile Pic

Your profile picture will usually be the first impression someone has when viewing your profile. Profile pics now show up in the SERPs via Google Authorship. Don't miss your chance for a positive first impression. We’ve all done it, changed our profile pic willy nilly.  Used photos of our cat or dog!  Or even a silly cartoon.  I’m personally guilty of doing all of the above.  Now; for personal page this is ok, but when you have a business page you should consider presenting a more branded … [Read more...]

Some of our Favorite WordPress Plugins

I have wanted to put together this list of our favorite WordPress Plugins for sometime.  And we hope that you can add them to your list of must have plugins.  One of the best advantages of having a WordPress website is the availability of plugins.  The WordPress community is full of endless plugins for you to pick and choose  from.  Downloading and testing plugins is a fairly painless process but I like to first test them on a demo site before moving forward with implementation on the main … [Read more...]

Installing WordPress on Hostgator

Installing WordPress is not a hard process. We will show you the simple setup steps you need to take.   We use Hostgator for all our hosting needs.  Their cpanel offers a quick installation option for WordPress.  Most major hosts will have a similar process. First step:  log in to your cpanel, navigate to the “Software/services” Module, you will see the Fantastico Deluxe icon, click it. Here is the Fantastico panel you will see:   Select “WordPress” from the left hand column.  You will see … [Read more...]

WordPress Content ~ Pages and Posts

In several recent blogs  we have looked at the general elements, navigation menu, header, and footer areas of a WordPress site.  Now we are going to take a quick look at the “YOU” of your WordPress site - “the content” whether it’s a page or post or your homepage/landing page. Pages and posts are basically one in the same.  Both are created the same way by using the WYSIWYG editor, it’s just the end handling/sorting of them that defines the difference.   Posts are sorted by categories and … [Read more...]

You and your WordPress Footer

Typically on a website there are 3 basic elements that will stay static while you navigate throughout the site. Header  |  Navigation Menu  |  Footer What I would like to do is have a longer look at each of these elements, recent I have briefly spoken about all of them in another blog, click here to read.  In this blog let's look at the Footer area of your WordPress website. Footer Contents | Footer Design | Footer Placement You will notice that in some themes the footer area is not so … [Read more...]

Components of your WordPress Website

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what components actually makes your WordPress Homepage.  Widgets, Sidebars, Headers, Body Content, Navigation Menus, Background Images and Footers all play their own part in making your homepage and website come to life. In this article I would like to briefly describe each one.  As always, we here at Supernova Media use Genesis Framework on WordPress, so all our examples will either be from this site or one of our demo sites using Genesis.   Headers - A … [Read more...]

Adding new User to your WordPress Site

I just wanted to make a short blog to outline the simple process of adding a new user to your WordPress Site.  I believe it is best practice to have more than one top level Administrator for your WordPress site. First make sure you are logged in as an Admin.  From your WordPress dashboard goto the Users Tab,  then click on Add New.  You should new see the following screen: Fill in the information as required: Username (required field) -  the username of the new user. This name will also … [Read more...]

Using the Genesis Simple Sidebars Plugin

One of the things I absolutely love about WordPress are the sibebar widgets. They allow you to place all kinds of different content on your WordPress site.  Typically you set up the content for the Sidebar of your theme and the widgets place in them will be displayed on all the pages of your site.  But what if you what to have specific content linked for a specific page.  For example on our demo site, we have a Page called "Bridgewater", on this page we only want specific information to be … [Read more...]

Taking your WordPress Navigation Menu Further

The navigation menu of your site is one of the most important parts of your website. Whether you have one navigation bar or two your WordPress website needs a clean functioning menu. A navigation menu needs to be laid out in such a way that your site visitors can easily navigate through your website quickly without visiting too many nested pages.  We believe "less is more" with menus.  We are using the Genesis Framework with a child theme, but these "basics" should work with any WordPress … [Read more...]