How to optimize your Facebook business page for search

On August 7 Facebook completed the roll-out of its Graph Search for all users. For those new to Facebook the Graph Search is like a new search engine, with results that include only publicly available content on the social site and personalized around users’ connections, likes and interests. Google for example gives results from everything available on the Internet worldwide and based on the words and phrases their users search for. Still, we are talking about a pretty large database of over a … [Read more...]

Are Your Readers Online? The Best Time to Post on Social Media

We are constantly on social media, tweeting, pinning, liking, +1-ing, recommending (click here to see how Canadians are communicating and interacting online). But as someone who’s also running a business you can’t be online all day. And even your social media managers can’t be around all the time. So, the question is how to know when your readers are online? When is the best time to reach them, given the specifics of your audience? Here’s how you can figure it out: Learning by Doing If you use … [Read more...]

Google Plus Latest Feature Lets You Embed Public Posts

On Monday, September 9, Google Plus announced their new feature: Embedded posts. Embedded posts allow bloggers and content creators to embed publicly shared posts on Google+ on their blogs and websites. The trend already existed with other social media rivals like Twitter, Pinterest, and recently Facebook, now Google+ is following the lead. This new feature is especially important for social media marketers since it helps them prolong the ‘life cycle’ of their typical Google+ posts. On other … [Read more...]

9 Step Guide to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn is used for recruiting, job search and networking all over the world, but this social media platform is also a strong enhancement to your companies’ content marketing strategies. Having a Company Page on LinkedIn isn’t just one more site for you to update and monitor. Your business must be where your customers are and LinkedIn is an important channel for you to communicate with your readers and engage a greater following. You can only create a company page with an existing valid email … [Read more...]

Facebook Rolls Out New Features: Check Your Privacy Settings

On the same day Google Plus introduced their new embedded posts , Facebook vice president Justin Osofsky announced in a blog post the company’s new exclusive relationship status with several media outlets including CNN, NBC’s Today Show, Buzzfeed, BSkyB, Slate, and Mass Relevance. These two new features – Public Feed API and Keyword Insights API –give the news organizations (and the social engagement platform) access to trends and real-time conversations from 1.15 billion users worldwide (19 … [Read more...]

Track the Performance of Your Updates with LinkedIn’s New Company Page Analytics

LinkedIn’s timing can’t be better. Just a week after they launched Sponsored Updates for Company Pages  to increase their exposure and reach broader audience, they introduced their new analytics support, so now those of you who want to experiment with the tool will have a better understanding of how successful your updates/posts were. With all the buzz around Facebook and Twitter analytics, it’s kind of strange they waited so long to release such product. And now that it’s here you can use it … [Read more...]

How to Grow Your Business Using Google+

As announced on Google’s Official Blog, in December 2012 Google+has passed 500 million registered users, 235 million of which are active across other Google’s properties like YouTube, Google Search and Google's app store. The updated Global Web Index from January 2013 shows this network as the 2nd largest in the world with 343 million active monthly users. These facts confirm the platform isn’t the failure or ghost town experts predicted, but a powerful media businesses you can't ignore any … [Read more...]

7 Metrics from New Facebook Insights to Help You Grow Your Fans

Page managers and successful marketers have always valued the important data provided in Facebook Insights that help drive their strategic marketing decisions. Recently, Facebook updated the web version including new features like improved date slider, benchmarking, more data on post clicks, advanced filtering, when your fans are online info, and other robust facts and figures. If your business still isn’t on this social site read this. All the rest can go to their page admin panel and click on … [Read more...]

AdWords vs Adsense – What’s the difference?

Today’s generation of businesses share their content, merchandise, articles and services on the web. It’s a pretty competitive and tough market. Especially if you have a lot of competition for your keywords like we do at Supernova. ie: Nova Scotia Web Design. A lot of factors come in to play when Google determines the order of search results when you type in a search query like: Nova Scotia Web Design: Googlebots crawl billions of sites looking for new and updated content. The more often you … [Read more...]

The New Sponsored Updates Will Boost Your Exposure on LinkedIn

Sponsored Updates have been part of Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, and from July this year they are included in LinkedIn too. The best professional social networking site introduced the new feature with a few sample posts from Mercedes-Benz USA and Adobe. These paid links allow companies and organizations (Company Pages only, for now) to promote their LinkedIn updates to a much larger audience than just the accounts they are connected to. Or, as Linkedin Vice President of Product Management David … [Read more...]

How to add a listing to AgentPress 2.0

We love AgentPress 2.0 to manage our Nova Scotia real estate client listings via their WordPress websites. Adding a new listing in AgentPress 2.0 is not complicated, once you get used to the short codes. And don't let the word "code" scare you, it's easy.Lets do this:Mouse over "New" then Select "Listing"5 Important things on adding new listing1. Listing Title or Listing Address2. Listing Content3. Listing Information or Property Details4. Listing Options 5. Featured ImageUsage:1. Listing Title … [Read more...]