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Typically on a website there are 3 basic elements that will stay static while you navigate throughout the site.

Header Navigation Menu  |  Footer

What I would like to do is have a longer look at each of these elements, recent I have briefly spoken about all of them in another blog, click here to read.  In this blog let’s look at the Footer area of your WordPress website.

Footer Contents | Footer Design | Footer Placement

You will notice that in some themes the footer area is not so easily edited, not the case with Genesis Framework and their Child Themes.  Their footer areas are easily edited with the use of widgets.  The footer area can contain or be divided into 2, 3 or even 4 sections.  Additionally you can make edits to the code files of the Genesis Child Theme to edit their placement and width.

Supernova Media

The footer area, in my opinion, acts as an anchor for your entire website.

The information that you can add to it allows you to provide to your users a one stop goto place, no matter which page they are viewing.  This assumes that you are displaying the same footer information on the inside pages of your site as well as the home or landing page of your site.

I have learned from my Boss, Nancy Bain whom has a strong Print Media background, the golden rule about keeping content above the fold.  The term  “above the fold”   historically stems from a design concept related to content appearing in the upper-half of a Newspaper’s front page.  Content of lesser interest would appear  “below the fold”, waiting for the reader to unfold it and continue reading.  With the advent of our digital world many of these design concepts were adopted and used.  Web designers need to consider the hierarchy of a page carefully in order to ensure visitors are quickly presented with the most important content.  This translates into the above  “above the scroll line” were visitors can view content without needing to scroll.  However, it is interesting to take note with the growing popularity of Mobile devices the need to scroll is a necessary evil.

People may get frustrated if you force them to scroll and scroll through too much content.  If this is the case maybe consider a redesign of the content layout.  Break up long cumbersome text blocks into pages, or try adding an accordion style tab viewer such as we had done on the Virtual Tours page of this site. 

Personally I love seeing a footer with lots of content allowing for the rest of the page to be uncluttered.  On Supernova Media’s site you will notice we have a 3 sectioned footer area.  Each section contains different content, from text widgets to Facebook likes to a mini feed of our recent posts.  Footer content is easy to add with these widget areas and you know my all time favorite widget is the Text/Html widget, click here to read a recent blog on the easy editing and formatting of the Text Widget.

The background styling of  Supernova Media’s footer runs along the entire page working complimentary to the site’s header styling.  Some sites have a footer area background that is the same width as the page’s content area.  The design choices are endless. 

Please post a comment  with your footer questions.


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