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I believe the Text Widget is one of the most versatile widgets in WordPress.  SupernovaMedia.ca WordPress Text Widget You would be surprised that many sidebar and footer items are actually simple text widgets.

It relies on you to place the formatting code along with your content.  Now stop rolling your eyes it’s not that hard, trust me! 😀

Basically whatever you place in the widget is what you see unless you add some html coding for unique styling. Like many things WordPress learning a little html coding goes a long way in assisting you with the styling of your pages and posts content.

What I want to show you is how to use the built in page/post editor to format your content for your text widget.  

1. Navigate to a new page, let’s call it test page, set it to private, as we do not want to publish it, we are only using it a dummy page.

2. Now you will use the page editor to add your content that will be place into the text widget. Type your text, add the styling you want, add an image, or link!

HINT:  Keep in mind the width of your text widget when you are designing the content.

3.  Once you are done, (you can save the page for future edits if you like),  switch from the visual editor to the html editor view window, copy the entire code. [cntrl+A, selects everything, then cntrl + C, copies the selected]

SupernovaMedia.ca  WordPress Text Widget How to

The html code show above will output the text widget as shown below.

4.  Now we will be navigating to Appearance> Widgets area.  Select “Text Widget” and place it in the sidebar location ( or footer area) you want.  Open the widget, place your cursor in the widget and [cntrl+V, pastes your copied code] paste your copied code. 

NOTE: you can simply type text into the widget, however, it will have the default formatting as set by your theme for the widget area.

Click on save, now when you view your site, you should see the content you added to your text widget.

SupernovaMedia.ca WordPress Text Widget

The text widget will display the title and it’s content. Here we have the image, centered and a line of text below, also centered !

Please keep in mind when adding content, your theme may have styling for the widget header, border, fill, shadow, etc.

Hint:  If you want to center the contents of the text widget you will need to place a html div alignment attribute around your content:   <div align=”center”>your content</div>

We hope this helps you to add interesting styled content to your text widgets.  It is puzzling why WordPress didn’t include an editor for the text widget so we would not have to waste time switch back to a dummy page!


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