WordPress Plugins 101

Let’s take a look at WordPress Plugins.  You need to run WordPress.org to run plugins.  Plugins are a piece of code that extend the functionality of WordPress. Think: photo gallery, social sharing, forms,  message boards, event calendars, or anything you need to make your website awesome.  It’s the very nature of WordPress with its feature rich and user friendly publishing platform that makes it’s a webmaster’s dream with it’s open source code,  support community and extensibility.

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is an extension that adds additional functions to the basic WordPress platform.  It’s these plugins that turn the basic blog program into a fully functioning content management system.

Are Plugins free?

Some are, and some are not.  As WordPress’s popularity increased a huge market for professional high quality designed premium themes has developed.  Now we are also seeing a market emerging for high quality premium WordPress plugins.  Premium meaning you pay for them!

Do I need to use only Premium Plugins?

Well that’s a hard question, I think both yes and no.  A plugin that you pay for should give you good support.  But there are many excellent free plugins out there.  I think 90% of the plugins we used use are free ones.

Choosing the Right Plugin?

I know how time-consuming and expensive it is to execute the perfect website or blog then after installing a plugin that does not play well with others you site crashes, this can be a frustrating experience to say the least.   I like to see a plugin that has been update recently,  if you see that a plugin hasn’t been update in over a year maybe you should be cautious.  Also choosing one that works with the current version on WordPress is good practice to follow.

When you look at a plugin in the WordPress Plugin directory you will be able to check the following information:

Supernova Media Supernova Media

Where Do I find Plugins?

The best place is the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.  Searching the net and relying on other credible bloggers for their person plugin list is another great source to look into.

Best WordPress Plugins?

View the list of our favorite WordPress Plugins. Have some you’d like to add? Leave a comment and let us know.


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