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In several recent blogs  we have looked at the general elements, navigation menu, header, and footer areas of a WordPress site.  Now we are going to take a quick look at the “YOU” of your WordPress site – “the content” whether it’s a page or post or your homepage/landing page.Supernova Media

Pages and posts are basically one in the same.  Both are created the same way by using the WYSIWYG editor, it’s just the end handling/sorting of them that defines the difference.  

  • Posts are sorted by categories and tags, were Pages are not, they are exclusive of themselves.  
  • both can become links in your navigation menu,
  • you can have a link in the navigation menu for a specific category or tag,
  • both have an adjustable width setting and both allow for placement of sidebar widget holding areas,
  • a featured image can be set for both,
  • individual images, photo galleries, videos, audio clips, and data tables, can be placed in both,
  • each can have it’s own specific data displayed above and below – depending on the theme and plugins used, have a look at one of our posts and you will notice a custom widget area that we have added to the ending of each post that contains a Follow us on Google+, Follow Our Blog and a View our Slideshare Tutorials links,

The styling of the content area can be easily edited.  I would recommend playing around with the attributes using firebug.  Then making the edits to your style.css, remember always keep a master copy of your style sheet.  You will soon see that by making a few simple edits to the size, font style, colour, of the text and text headers, you can quickly change the entire look and feel of your site.

The homepage or landing page of you site, usually is a styled differently that the inside pages.  It will have several widgetized areas that you can add specific content to giving your website a unique look.  A handy tip is to do a quick map of the homepage widgets to see what is placed where, their widths, etc,  then designing your homepage content.  

By editing the home.php file you can easily edit what elements are displayed on the home page.  WordPress also allows for you to choose an interior page as your home page. I find this limiting as the interior page does not have the widget areas that I like to use.

As with every other element your choice of theme will dictate the styling of the body content.  But the content you place there is all YOU! 

Get creative, and have fun with your site.


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