Using the Genesis Simple Sidebars Plugin

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One of the things I absolutely love about WordPress are the sibebar widgets. They allow you to place all kinds of different content on your WordPress site.  Typically you set up the content for the Sidebar of your theme and the widgets place in them will be displayed on all the pages of your site.  But what if you what to have specific content linked for a specific page. 

For example on our demo site, we have a Page called “Bridgewater”, on this page we only want specific information to be displayed in the sidebar area.  To do this you have to assign a specific widget to be displayed on that particular page.  There are other plugins to do this, but none are as simple as the Genesis Simple Sidebars Plugin.   

[ Note:  You will need to be using the Genesis framework for this Plugin. ]

You can visit the link above to download the plugin or you can search from your “Add New Plugins” page for the Genesis Simple Sidebars v1.0.0 by Nathan Rice

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Once you have the plugin downloaded and installed there is no set up required.  Simply follow these few steps and you’re good to go!  From your WordPress Dashboard go to Genesis, then select Simple Sidebars.  You will see the following screen.  It shows you all the current sidebars for your site.  Now you simply need to give your new sidebar a name, id and description. Click on save!

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Once you have saved your sidebar it will show up in the list.  Congratulations you have just completed adding a new sidebar to your site.  Next we have to assign it to the specific page.

When you navigate to your page, along side of your WYSIWYG page editor you should see a new option labeled Sidebar Selection. 

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 This is where you will be assigning  your newly created sidebar to be displayed on the specific page.  You simple choose from the drop-down menu the newly created sidebar’s name.  This setting will be saved when you update your page.

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 Now navigate back to Appearance, Widgets and you will see a your new sidebar in the right hand column.

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 Add your content to the sidebar by using any widget of your choice.  And when you view the particular page, your specific content will be displayed on that page only!

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The name of the plugin says it all, Simple Sidebars!  I love discovering easy to use and practical solutions for webpage design and with simple to use tools such as this plugin it makes custom design a breeze.

Please do me a favor and post a comment if you have tried using  this plugin.  Thanks for reading and have good day.


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Hello there! Thanks for this post! I have been thinking about having customized sidebars for some time now. Finally got around to searching for a solution. I use Genesis on most of my sites, so this was a no-brainier. How does this plugin handle categories though? Is it basically the same as pages, but you just go to the categories page on the WordPress admin?


Hi Chris! This widget would handle categories the same as any other sidebar widget would! This plugin helps you to create a new widget area ( basically a box that will display any content you place in it ) which can be selected to be displayed on any and all pages you choose. This new widget area has it’s own name and it’s own custom content of your choice. Have fun!

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