Track the Performance of Your Updates with LinkedIn’s New Company Page Analytics

LinkedINLinkedIn’s timing can’t be better. Just a week after they launched Sponsored Updates for Company Pages  to increase their exposure and reach broader audience, they introduced their new analytics support, so now those of you who want to experiment with the tool will have a better understanding of how successful your updates/posts were.

With all the buzz around Facebook and Twitter analytics, it’s kind of strange they waited so long to release such product. And now that it’s here you can use it to analyze your followers based on demographics data, monitor your LinkedIn posts and see which ones are driving the most engagement, and see how your brand and following are doing when compared against other similar brands that are using the social website. I bet you can’t wait to try it. So let’s get started…

What You Can Track with LinkedIn’s Analytics

LinkedIn had ‘Page Insights’ and ‘Follower Insights’ for Company Pages before, but the information they provided is far from the depth and range of datasets that are now available with the new suite of tools. You can access the analytics page from the secondary menu bar located on your business page. There are few different sections with information to analyze, and the first includes tracking your recent posts.

By default, you will see the posts shared from your company profile in the last 15 days, and if you want you can change the range in the bottom right drop-down menu. The section gives you an overview of the reach and engagementof each shared post, the number of impressions and social interactions, and information on the followers who clicked to see more of your updates. Below are two line graphs that track the performance of your content over time, split between data on the organic followers’ interactions and clicks that are acquired through Sponsored Updates.

The Followers analytics section allows you to analyze your audience and learn more about their demographics, providing details like seniority and other business-related factors,your following’s trends over time, or how they’ve come across your company page. At the bottom is the “How You Compare” section that shows how you stack up against your competition on LinkedIn, giving you a benchmark for your brand’s visibility and reach. This also means that your industry competitors can also get a sneak peak on how you perform compared to them.

Here’s a brief video overview of LinkedIn’s Company Page Analytics:

Due to the type of users that LinkedIn traditionally attracts, as well as the expected lower engagement rates, this professional network can’t have the same influence as other popular social sites like Twitter or Facebook. But with the latest improvements of the platform and services they are certainly getting closer tobusinesses and social media managers. And according to what their Product Manager AviadPinkovezky shared on LinkedIn’s Blog, “More new and improved functionality is on the way, so stay tuned!”

Are you planning on using LinkedIn’s latest feature? Share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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