The power of a pre-listing package

83% of people Look At Homes Online. Now that is a fact virtually every seller will agree to when you are on a listing presentation. Therefore it just makes sense for you to have a section in your listing presentation dedicated to Internet marketing.

If you believe that part of your value to your seller client is in how you’ll package and market their home in print and other media, you may want to consider the following promotional inclusions in your social networking.


  • Your Internet/E-side — Pre-sell your Internet presence. Include copies of your Web site, the company Web site and other affiliate Web sites that you feel enhance your network and would help the seller to recognize your expanded global marketing strategies and services. Let the homeowner know the many places their property will be featured on the Internet.
  • Virtual Tour Capability — Some of the hottest technology tools today are the services provided by virtual tours. A 360 degree Virtual Tour is a PROVEN, proactive sales tool which genuinely motivates people to initiate direct contact about your products & services.
  • Text Message Marketing –An estimated one billion text messages (SMS) are being sent every day. It is the fastest growing form of communication and the key to effectively providing potential clients with the property information they need instantly.
  • Testimonials — Include testimonials from happy customers and past clients. Get their permission to include them in your package. Include phone numbers or e-mail addresses for easy access. 
  • Biographical Information — Let the homeowners find out for themselves why you are far above average in your area. Have a full resume of credentials available for those who are interested. Remember, however, the consumer is more interested in what you can do for them, rather than your past accomplishments. Nevertheless, having the information pre-assembled is wise, in case it is needed.

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