The New Sponsored Updates Will Boost Your Exposure on LinkedIn

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Sponsored Updates have been part of Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, and from July this year they are included in LinkedIn too. The best professional social networking site introduced the new feature with a few sample posts from Mercedes-Benz USA and Adobe. These paid links allow companies and organizations (Company Pages only, for now) to promote their LinkedIn updates to a much larger audience than just the accounts they are connected to. Or, as Linkedin Vice President of Product Management David Hahn explained on their official Marketing Solutions Blog “Sponsored Updates enable these entities to build relationships by delivering their content into the homepage feed of members beyond those who are following their company.”

More than 3 million businesses have created Company Pages on LinkedIn to connect and share with 238 million users, according to latest statistics (including me as Founder & CEO of Supernova Media, Nova Scotia Web Design & Consulting).The sponsored updates allow them to target specific market segments of this network’s large audience, based on analysis of the information the users have provided in their profiles.


So, Why are Sponsored Updates a Better Option

According toForrester’sB2B Social Technographics absolutely every business is using social media, and LinkedIn is their top choice for business purposes. This is great for B2B organizations, but B2C marketers can also use the unique potential of this platform to effectively reach their audiences.

There are much greater chances for the sponsored updates to be seen by other users because they are part of the news feed, unlike LinkedIn’s current ads which appear in the sidebar. This increases the potential for interaction with your readers who can like, share and comment on your updates. The posts are available in 20 different languages.

This new advertising system is available on desktop, tablet and mobile, and it offers cost per click and cost per view pricing. Companies and marketers can also use thecomprehensivereal-time analytics to follow and tweak their campaigns’ results, make changes to their biddings as users interact with the posts, and generate reports on the ROI of LinkedIn advertising.

How This Applies to Your Company

The launch of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates has many great benefits for companies using the social site, providing new and better channels for them to promote their businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are more adequate for social use and interaction, while LinkedIn is primarily geared toward establishing and maintaining business relationships. Check my previous article on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.


The best thing about the promoted posts is that your target readers can see them while they search for information on what your company has to offer. This greatly improves the chances of them interacting with you on LinkedIn. The data from the tests and case studies confirmed that the sponsored updates are really working. As Adobe shared on their blog, “After being exposed to our sponsored updates, marketing decision makers were:

  • 50% more likely to agree or strongly agree that “Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing”.
  • 79% more likely to agree or strongly agree that “Adobe can help me optimize my media spend”.
  • 2.5x more likely to agree or strongly agree that Adobe’s Sponsored Updates “captured their attention”.”

The campaign not only put them directly in the front of their audience, but it also proved pretty beneficial for the company authority, sales, and number of followers on LinkedIn and other social media networks.

Sponsored updates are available for any company active on LinkedIn. This simple and very effective tool can help you expand your presence on the top professional social site, and reap all the benefits that come with that expansion. Here’s a LinkedIn video that explains how to get started:

Have you tried LinkedIn’s Sponsored updates? What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @nancyebain.

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