Deeper into Yoast: Page Analysis, Advanced Options & Social Media

Last week, we looked at the basics of using WordPress SEO by Yoast to optimize your posts for search engine rankings. But we barely scratched the surface! In today's post, we look under the hood, diving deeper into Yoast’s full range of features. Page Analysis Page analysis is one of the most useful tools provided by Yoast. Basically, it judges your post according to about a dozen SEO-friendly metrics. On the right, you can see the page analysis for my post on WordPress captions, which used … [Read more...]

WordPress SEO: Optimizing Your Posts with Yoast

Search engine optimization is one of the great cottage industries of the last decade. Often confusing and arcane, SEO is also absolutely indispensable. Fortunately, WordPress plug-in developers have created a number of tools to assist everyday users in search-optimizing their sites. One great SEO tool for WordPress (as well as one of our favourite plugins overall!) is Yoast. But let’s step back for a second. Many people have asked me whether SEO is really worth the time and effort. Why … [Read more...]

SEO for Your WordPress Website

In this article I will be discussing SEO and WOM (Word of Mouth) geared toward the small business owner. Today running your own small business is anything but small, you are expected to be so many job titles, owner, worker, bookkeeper, and now web savvy tech person, oh boy! It almost goes without saying that you need a web presence in today’s world, the size or nature of that web presence is your choice. My advise is to start modestly. Yes you can do it yourself, but having a webmaster to … [Read more...]