Bridgewater Realtor Announces New Website

We've been lucky to have had Mark Seamone as a client for over 10 years. As a matter of fact it's a very reciprocal relationship. Mark sold me my last two homes. Thank you Mark. The decision to move to Riverport has truly been one of the best decisions I've made in years. I love it here. This house was hand picked for me by your assistant, Candice Condon. Candice photographed my Bridgewater home for sale, knew my tastes, and knew Riverport would be perfect. Thank you Candice, you were bang … [Read more...]

Nova Scotia Real Estate Company “Get’s It”

Tradewinds - Everywhere for You In today’s market, just about every company has a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube account, to represent their business on social media. It has become a necessity for companies who are building a brand with longevity, and establishing not just sales but, life long customers. Real estate is an industry in which social media has really taken off as of late. Agents are using these platforms to not only promote their listings but to build relationships and … [Read more...]

Now Offering HD Slideshows!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Supernova Studios announces High Definition Slideshow Service Bridgewater, NS September 1, 2010 — Supernova Studios, a provider of Nova Scotia virtual tours and property marketing services is proud to announce the addition of High Definition Slideshows to its line-up of online property marketing tools. The addition of HD Slideshows to Supernova Studios’ current services will allow their current and future clients to have the competitive edge in marketing their property … [Read more...]

Real Estate on Nova Scotia’ South Shore – emag

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The power of a pre-listing package

83% of people Look At Homes Online. Now that is a fact virtually every seller will agree to when you are on a listing presentation. Therefore it just makes sense for you to have a section in your listing presentation dedicated to Internet marketing. If you believe that part of your value to your seller client is in how you’ll package and market their home in print and other media, you may want to consider the following promotional inclusions in your social networking. PROMOTIONAL … [Read more...]

Using Social Networking To Promote Your Real Estate Blog

Did you realize that there are over 140,000,000 people participating in internet social networking websites. While social networks may not sound very business-like, they are valuable tools you should use to generate traffic to your site. The key to a successful real estate blog is generating and maintaining your blog's position as an authority on real estate in your area. A great way to do this is to connect with other real estate professionals and potential clients through various social … [Read more...]

Top ten reasons a real estate professional should blog!

If you use the internet regularly, you surely have seen an increase in internet journals known as blogs (web logs) over the last few years. Over 350,000,000 people read blogs, and over 184,000,000 write their own. Its interesting  that most people with Blogs think of the Blog as being  totally different to Social Media Networks such Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. Don’t be fooled, believe it or not blogs are Social Media vehicles and the most important Social Media tool you have. Your Social … [Read more...]

Full Screen HD Virtual Tours Coming Soon!

If 'a picture speaks a thousand words', then full screen, high definition Virtual Tours are worth a million! Virtual Tours are currently being used by leading commercial and residential estate agents, attracting more visitors to their properties and showing them the sense of the space and true character of a property while providing an enjoyable and memorable experience from the comfort of home. Weed out the lookers and attract buyers. Properties with virtual tours on the internet have been … [Read more...]

Lead Generation Text Message Marketing

Greetings from Supernova Media, Nova Scotia. My last blog; at Thanksgiving, I gave “thanks” to David Hall of Listing Solutions in St. Augustine Florida, for sharing his insight and sales success with the Txt2Look program. I made good of my plan to take advantage of the TxT2Look demo codes and contacted 8 top agents to email me listing information of a “high visibility” listing. I ordered 8 panoriders from a local sign company and chose generic company codes like “REMAX” and “EXIT. Signs in … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Advertising

There are four very influential inventions that have shaped the media and thus the advertising industry - the printing press, radio, television and the Internet. Growth in ad spending on traditional media, particularly newspapers and radio, continues to slow while spending on Internet advertising is accelerating. The Internet is revolutionizing our society, our economy and our technological systems. No one knows for certain how far, or in what direction, the Internet will evolve. But no one … [Read more...]