Is Your Business on Facebook?

If not, it should be!   With over 800 million users you need to be where the traffic is. An effective Facebook business page won’t just tell your viewers how good your business really is and include a few sales pitches – instead, it will convey some of the personality of your business. Facebook is a phenomenon that has grown exponentially in a very short time and continues to do so. It was originally used mostly by college students to keep in touch with high school pals, but now recent … [Read more...]

Custom Facebook Fan Pages

Do you have a custom Facebook page for your business? How is it doing? Are you pleased with results? It's taken 2 years to build a successful, engaged audience at Supernova Studios What do I mean by successful? 2011 was the first year we earned revenue as a result of this page. Now, if I were to divide that revenue by the number of hours I've invested in this page, well…. I'd have been paid in peanuts. But 2011 is just the beginning and each week we seem to be given a new opportunity. … [Read more...]

Google Juice and The Art of SEO

Ahhh, Google Juice. That glorious feeling of doing a Google search for your keywords and turning up on page one. Or better yet, number one page one.   Recently, I was asked to give a presentation to a local real estate company on why they need social media. They gave me 20 minutes. I only needed five. First I showed them a quick video I had prepared on Canadian social media statistics, and secondly (and my favorite) I opened a web browser, brought up Google and did a search on my … [Read more...]

How to Download/Backup your Facebook Profile and Page

Your Nova Scotia social media consultant and virtual tour provider helping to keep you safe on Facebook. What would you do if you woke up one morning and your Facebook account had been deactivated? Stranger things have happened.. and with a free service like Facebook, it could be weeks before you got in touch with someone there to have it "fixed". I love Facebook for storing photos, using the like button as a means of bookmarking my favorite articles/sites, connecting with friends, and of … [Read more...]

Facebook “Questions” and Privacy – Important

Did you know.... Facebook considers "Questions" as a standard app. Just like photos. You can NOT remove it from your profile. Nor is there any privacy settings for Questions. Essentially; friend or not, anyone searching for or viewing your profile can read your answers to ALL questions you have participated in. See this image of the information available when searching for my name by a non-friend. Note - below my profile picture "Info" (which I chose to make available) and "Questions" - … [Read more...]

How To Hide “Recent Activity” On Facebook

Are you tired of Facebook recording ALL your activity on your profile wall? Want to clean it up a bit?  How about a bit more privacy? FINALLY - Facebook has added a new feature that enables users to finally hide their recent Facebook activity from other users, a feature that many have wanted for years.
 All you need to do is visit your profile and begin hiding the various story types that you don’t want others to see. Say, for example, that you don’t want others to see the comments that you … [Read more...]

Social Media – Are you doing it right?

It’s no secret that social media is a hot topic. Every marketer wants to jump into what is — and has been for more than a year — the most dynamic and exciting two-way communications platform since email. The question used to be “Should my company participate in social media?” About halfway through 2009, that question became “How fast can we dive in?” — quickly followed (after a few high-profile failures) by “How do we do it right?” Consider this: recommendations or content from “people like … [Read more...]

Facebook Is Serious Business! Don’t get caught up in the games!

Your time is precious.  How are you spending it? Greetings from Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Nancy Bain and Supernova Studios. Your Nova Scotia virtual tours provider. I have close to 700 friends on facebook. Each “friend” is filed to a certain list. Ex- high school, family, friends, RTV Dealers, Social Media, Real Estate, and one I simply call Networking. I discipline myself to one hour per day networking on facebook. Please visit my fan page at … [Read more...]

Netiquette – Online Etiquette

10 suggestions for on line etiquette – Netiquette. Before you jump into the deep end of the social networking pool, you may want to consider some simple rules of engagement. First impressions can be lasting. "Netiquette" is network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. Netiquette covers both common courtesy online and the informal "rules of the road" of cyberspace Imagine the reaction you would get walking into a black-tie dinner dressed for a game of tennis. It's a fact that … [Read more...]

I want to be a purple cow! – Halifax Entrepreneur Expo

It seemed I woke every hour on the hour last night anticipating the Halifax Entrepeneur Expo today at the World Trade Center in Halifax. With main stage speakers lined up like Gair Maxwell owner of The Seamless Brand and author of "Nuts, Bolts, and a Few Loose Screws" (I obtained an autographed copy!) Robert Steele President and CEO of Capital Corporation in Newfoundland and Owner of The Steele Auto Group and keynote speaker Richard St. John. A self made millionaire from Halifax and author of … [Read more...]