Supernova Studios goes LIVE with the Real-TechGuy

When the Real-TechGuy asked me "if I knew anything about SEO" the other day, I knew he must be throwing something together quickly that would (undoubtedly) end up becoming a success. Jonathan Rivera likes to fly by the seat of his pants. He says, (and I remind myself of this often) "If you're good at something, don't do it for free". Tune in to Episode 6 Web Marketing Strategies Weekly where Jonthan, Scott Bradley - copywriter, Doug MacIsaac - SEO expert, and myself have a little fun: Listen … [Read more...]

Netiquette – Online Etiquette

10 suggestions for on line etiquette – Netiquette. Before you jump into the deep end of the social networking pool, you may want to consider some simple rules of engagement. First impressions can be lasting. "Netiquette" is network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. Netiquette covers both common courtesy online and the informal "rules of the road" of cyberspace Imagine the reaction you would get walking into a black-tie dinner dressed for a game of tennis. It's a fact that … [Read more...]

I want to be a purple cow! – Halifax Entrepreneur Expo

It seemed I woke every hour on the hour last night anticipating the Halifax Entrepeneur Expo today at the World Trade Center in Halifax. With main stage speakers lined up like Gair Maxwell owner of The Seamless Brand and author of "Nuts, Bolts, and a Few Loose Screws" (I obtained an autographed copy!) Robert Steele President and CEO of Capital Corporation in Newfoundland and Owner of The Steele Auto Group and keynote speaker Richard St. John. A self made millionaire from Halifax and author of … [Read more...]

The Top 20 Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing

While I can not take credit for this article, I wanted to share it with you to consider:   The Top 20 Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing 1. Improve customer and prospect relationships 2. Conduct inexpensive yet effective market research 3. Build brand awareness, authority and credibility 4. Drive traffic to your website 5. Ability to obtain insight into targeted niche markets 6. Find new distribution channels 7. Improve search engine rankings through link building . 8. Find and … [Read more...]

Benefits of the Chamber of Commerce

When Real Tour Vision suggested that my Nova Scotia virtual tour business become a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, I put it on (what seemed at the time) a very long "to do" list. Priority was given to developing my brand, mastering the RTV software, learning my new camera, establishing a website, marketing and staying abreast of what RTV's Inner Circle Marketing constantly had to offer. After the company launch and with more time on my hands, it was time to consider RTV's … [Read more...]

Lead Generation Text Message Marketing

Greetings from Supernova Media, Nova Scotia. My last blog; at Thanksgiving, I gave “thanks” to David Hall of Listing Solutions in St. Augustine Florida, for sharing his insight and sales success with the Txt2Look program. I made good of my plan to take advantage of the TxT2Look demo codes and contacted 8 top agents to email me listing information of a “high visibility” listing. I ordered 8 panoriders from a local sign company and chose generic company codes like “REMAX” and “EXIT. Signs in … [Read more...]

You have to spend money to make money

The last thing on my mind when Real Estate on Nova Scotia’s South Shore lost 30% of it’s revenue last fall, was investing money. Anywhere. In an economic climate where survival of small business is at stake, how should I plan my spending? We are in the middle of a recession, but as a business owner I have one step up on those that are employed by others... I am in control of my destiny. If I truly want to maintain a thriving business I needed to invest in my business. The saying “build it and … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Advertising

There are four very influential inventions that have shaped the media and thus the advertising industry - the printing press, radio, television and the Internet. Growth in ad spending on traditional media, particularly newspapers and radio, continues to slow while spending on Internet advertising is accelerating. The Internet is revolutionizing our society, our economy and our technological systems. No one knows for certain how far, or in what direction, the Internet will evolve. But no one … [Read more...]