Supernova Media goes mobile and why you should too

Canadian Mobile StatisticsDid you know 80% of customers LEAVE a mobile site if they have a bad user experience?

When you think about how many different smart phones, iPads, notebooks, laptops, web browsers, and operating systems access the Internet daily, it’s a wonder that web designers and developers manage to stay sane.

Making sure your website is readable on a smartphone is something you shouldn’t ignore.  Things often render differently on a smaller screen (load times, readability and images). Many mobile users will simply leave a site if it is less functional when viewed on a phone versus a regular PC or laptop.

Supernova is proud to announce the launch of our mobile site. On-the go mobile users want specific information and answers fast!  So it’s very important to make sure mobile users are delivered content formatted for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience. 

In June, Google published via their blog, strong guidelines for mobile sites.  By following these recommendations you will keep your visitors and Google happy.

Most importantly, Google named one type of website as the preferred solution: Responsive web design: A website that “understands” which device is accessing it (ie, iPhone, Android, desktop computer, iPad, etc)  and formats what you “see” accordingly. (the same site would look differently on each of these devices)

Ensuring your website is optimized in the best way for mobiles and for search engine spiders, responsive design is where it’s at.

Why do responsive sites make Google so happy? Read our blog.  

Desktop vs. Mobile: User Experience

Have a look at the screenshots below that show user experience for pages on for our desktop site and our mobile site. Which do you think is a preferable mobile experience? And which do you think Google is likely to consider a more appropriate mobile experience?

 Supernova Media Mobile SiteNova Scotia Web Design



Here are a few tips from Google to make sure your site functions well on a mobile:

  • Keep loading times fast
  • Simplify navigation
  • Be “thumb friendly”
  • Design for visibility


Google wants to help make sure your website is mobile friendly. Its GoMo site lets you test the functionality of your website on a mobile device. Check it out!

If you’re considering a new website or site redesign, creating a great mobile experience for your users should be a top consideration, or even a priority. Contact Supernova Media today to design your mobile site. 

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