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Stellar Women Unite: Community Insight Poll

by | Sep 28, 2023

Your voice is a critical component of this celestial gathering. This poll is designed to harness the collective wisdom of our community. By sharing your insights, you’re helping to steer the course of this group towards meaningful impact and genuine connection. Your input will guide our strategy, set our timeline, and keep us all engaged and informed. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

Personal Details for Enhanced Networking

Providing your personal and professional details will enable more meaningful connections within the group. This information will also help us tailor the community’s activities and updates to better suit your needs. All details will be kept confidential and are completely optional.
To personalize future communications
To understand the diverse skill sets within the group
For easier networking among group members
To send updates or newsletters (with consent)
To understand the geographical distribution of your community

Pooling Suggestions

Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the group. Your input will be invaluable in shaping the direction and activities of our community. Together, we can create a space that’s truly beneficial for everyone involved.
What topics are you most interested in discussing within this group?
If you chose other, please specify below
Other – from above
What formats do you find most engaging?
Select all that apply

Common Strategy

What communication channels would you like to see used for group updates?
If you chose other, please specify below
Other – from above
How frequently would you like to engage with the group?

Time Period

Indicate your preferences for the timeline of our collective endeavors. Your input will help us set realistic and effective milestones, ensuring that our strategy is not just impactful but also timely.
What is a reasonable time frame for implementing new initiatives within the group?

Regular Updates

Share your preferences for staying informed about the group’s progress and activities. Your input will guide how we communicate important updates, ensuring you’re always in the loop and aware of how your contributions are making a difference
How would you prefer to receive updates on the group's progress?
If other, please specify below


Aimed at understanding the broader interests and expectations of the community. Your responses here will help shape the overall direction and offerings of the group.
Is your preference for a private or public group?

Stellar Women Unite

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