Social Media

Ask yourself a simple question – what exactly is Social Media? Is it about the accumulation of friends on Facebook? Is it about seeing how many connections you can make on LinkedIn or is it about the number of followers you have on Twitter?

To some, yes, but if you’re a business that’s serious about growing awareness, profitability customer retention and reaching out to the very people you need to speak to in a cost effective way, a social media strategy, if executed correctly, can have a massive impact on your bottom line. 

Having a clearly defined social media strategy is the key to commercial success from social media. Your social media strategy should address the needs of your audience while also delivering value to your business. In other words, how you use social media should be aligned with your over-arching business or brand strategy.

This is never straightforward, as social media touches several different areas of a business – from product development and innovation, to customer service, marketing and PR. That’s why it’s critical to have buy-in from all relevant stakeholders, across teams and departments, in order to ensure your social media strategy can be implemented successfully.

From a business standpoint, it’s easy to post news on your Facebook page or special offers on Twitter but since the operative word is ‘social’, you need to commit time and effort into making the relationship work – just as you would with any social relationship and that’s where Supernova Media will help you.

Let’s not forget that one of the fundamental reasons social media is so important to businesses is that you are developing and nurturing relationships with your past, present and future customers. Being visible is important. Making sure that when people think of the products and services you sell, they immediately focus on your company is very important, and using Supernova Media to help you reach your goals and objectives is vital.

We will develop a flexible strategy and planning process which will help you use social media throughout your business. Supernova Media will ensure that your social media strategy is based on your core brand values and key strategic goals, giving you results that are sustainable, measurable and insightful.

We’ll look at your long-term strategy, as well as tactical campaign management and “quick wins”. We’ll also help you define metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to give you a framework for measuring the value of your social media activity. To help encourage your staff to get involved with social media, we encourage development of  “best practice” guidelines and policies for both internal and external communication, ensuring that your online reputation is safeguarded.


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