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I want to outline the basics of setting up the navigation menus for a Genesis Theme on your WordPress site.  After you initially setup your WordPress site it can look a little scarey to say the least.  Your theme will look nothing like that sleek demo example.  Keep in mind there is no data in your site at all, no posts, no pages, no content in the widget areas, nothing!  

What I always do is to add some sample data in the form of pages and posts.  This will allow you to set up the navigation menus.

Let’s start:   First install your Genesis Framework, then you will be installing the child theme from there you will be starting the setup of your WordPress site.

(… remember do not activate the genesis framework theme, you only activate the child theme!)

  • from the dashboard go to the Genesis,  Theme Settings, Navigation Settings.  I have selected all the options in the screenshot below so they will be visible.

 Supernova Media

It’s best to have these setting adjusted first otherwise you many not be able to see your menu. Remember to save your changes.

Now let’s goto the Appearance Tab, them select Menus.  It’s from here that we build our custom menu.

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Once you have enter your Menu’s name, I used “primary menu” as the name, click on create menu.

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Now you will see a few more options, we now have theme locations, and custom links, pages and categories are now accessible options.  Theme Locations has two selections: primary menu and secondary menu. Once you have created and saved your menu it will be displayed in the pulldown selection list for either of these two locations.   Depending on the child theme’s styling your primary and secondary menus will either be displayed above or below your header.  Some Genesis child themes have one above an one below the header. 

Supernova Media

If you click on the Pages tab you will have the option to check to select the pages, then click  “Add to Menu”. 
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Now the pages you have selected will be added to your custom menu layout screen.  Notice that when you mouse over the menu item you can grab it and move it up or down and even move it to the side which will make it a child of the upper menu item, ie: pulldown option.  Remember to hit save! 

Supernova Media

View your page to see the menu.  There are other items you can add to your menu, such as specific blog categories, tags, blogs and external custom links.   I will go over them in another blog.  Please leave a comment below and let us know how your menu turned out! 


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