Scan your Newsfeed for threats with Norton Safe Web

Most people need to click on a bad link to find out the hard way that it should never have been shared, and only after the damage is done do they realize their mistake.

Fear no longer ….

Symantec, makers of the popular Norton Anti-Virus software for PCs  have created Norton Safe Web, an application that scans your current news feeds to see if they contain links that are unsafe for you or your friends to click on. It’s a free and easy way to ensure that a little curious clicking won’t get you and your friends list into trouble.

According to Norton, the news feed scan will then “identify URLs containing security risks such as phishing sites, malicious downloads, browser exploits and links to unsafe external sites.”

They have recently enhanced Norton Safe Web for Facebook application to include the option to perform automatic background scan for malicious links. 

Enable “Auto-Scan”, to scan your News Feed now

You will be asked to grant permission for Norton to access your Facebook information:

On the Scan Summary page, you can click on the “Enable Auto-Scan” to have Safe Web check and notify you of malicious links every hour.

Once you grant permission and run a scan of your newsfeed you can adjust the permissions you’ve just given to Norton Safe Web. 

Go to Account – Privacy Settings – Apps & Websites – edit your settings

Hover over Norton Safe Web and you’ll see a pencil to edit permission. Click the pencil and give only the required permissions.

Norton Safe Web has a host of other free services worth checking in to.

We ran a scan of our  site  – very cool!

You can check any website you want – try it now!

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