Top ten reasons a real estate professional should blog!

If you use the internet regularly, you surely have seen an increase in internet journals known as blogs (web logs) over the last few years. Over 350,000,000 people read blogs, and over 184,000,000 write their own.

Its interesting  that most people with Blogs think of the Blog as being  totally different to Social Media Networks such Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. Don’t be fooled, believe it or not blogs are Social Media vehicles and the most important Social Media tool you have.

Your Social Media credibility is tied to the amount of content you provide.  To have a significant Social Media presence you must have a certain amount of  content. Blogs are a fantastic tool for creating lots and lots of relevant content. Each time you add a post you increase your Blogs  content creating a  smorgasbord of relevant content that Google and other  search engines love. Generally the more posts you have the  higher  your Blog will rank and the more Social Media  traffic you will get.

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Top ten reasons a real estate professional should blog

1. To express your thoughts or opinions about your market, your niche, your customers and who should take advantage of your services.

2. To market or promote your business; blogging allows you to overtly promote your company. It also allows you to build value by offering credible information for your customers.

3. To establish yourself as an expert; the more you write about your industry, the more you can be perceived as an expert, people prefer to do business with experts.

4. To help people; the more people that are exposed to your helpful information, the more credibility you build. If you want to be helped, help others.

5. To make money; you can sell your services and products online on your blog. You can offer discounts to readers, referral fees, and incentives to gather leads.

6. To distinguish your company or yourself as unique among your competitors. The features of your blog and the way you present it to the public can make you stand out above the competition.

7. To stay connected to customers, prospects, vendors and your professional network; Blogging allows you to maintain an ongoing personal appearance with regular product updates.

8. To poll your customers; with features like comments and RSS feeds, you can get a beat on what your readers are interested in, what they want more of and less of.

9. To stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies and news in your industry…regular blogging calls upon you to do research in your industry. You will also receive suggestions and information from your readers that keeps you up with the industry.

10. To attract a more savvy, influential customer base; it’s true that the internet provides a source of information for savvy buyers.  The more savvy the buyer, the more research they do.  When you position yourself on the Internet with your highly informative blog, you will have a greater chance to attract a more discriminating, affluent buyer.

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