Seven Wonders Import

Seven Wonders Import

Seven Wonders Import is a Multi-Vendor Cannabis Marketplace with products by Nova Scotians, for Nova Scotians. Launched with Cannabis 2.0 in mind, our creative members were already gifting and sharing their cannabis products with friends, family, and community. Nova Scotia hand-crafted products can be tested for THC contentVendors can manage their own shops, obtain Goddess Approval rating for premium placing and perks, and in many cases, your product could be hand-delivered. Sigh…. such a good idea.

Seven Wonders was very well received by the community. Nova Scotia cannabis users both recreational and medical are looking for higher dose edibles than are being supplied legally. As it stands right now, with a maximum 10mg dose for edibles, and many of our members consuming up to 200mg+ per day, consumers would have to ingest massive amounts of sugar and filler to keep their dose consistent with legal products. Sigh…

So while this product may fill a need and be a clever idea, that’s how it shall remain for now. Items are not for sale. I was never fond of stripes.

  • eCommerce
    Vendor managed options
    Optimized Listings
    Lead Generation
    Goddess Approval
    Social Media Pages Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
    Analytics Built-in
    Mobile Friendly
    Fills a Need
    Easy to Navigate
    And *member approved*.
  • All the makings of a very sexy product.

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