Adding Pinterest to your Facebook Page

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You need to be where your consumers, fans and prospects are, but, with so many social platforms, it can be difficult to keep up and make sure everything works together.   Ensuring the marketing, strategy, and consumer journey is consistent, fits together, and tells a story that ladders up to your objectives and goals is easier said than done.

It’s safe to bet that Facebook has evolved into the hub of your social media marketing, and the announcement of  Timeline for Pages  may make it even more central. It is the place where your content, stories, and communication live as well as thrive.

Pinterest, who appears to be the fastest-growing social media site ever has become a huge traffic referral (arguably, more powerful than Google+) for all businesses. An increasing number of companies are leveraging the platform to reach a new audience, increase visits to their websites, and generate leads or retail sales. And guess what? It’s working.

If you’re already using Pinterest to boost your brand with visual compelling images, now is the best time to integrate it into your Facebook Page to attract more eyeballs and followers.

The process is simple:

a) Add iframehost to your Page via ‘Install Page Tab’-> Select your page in the drop down -> Add Static IFrame Tab.
b) In your Tab Settings -> Page Source (select ‘URL’), enter your Pinterest account link as shown below and Save Changes.

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