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About Nancy Bain

Digital Marketing Strategist

I have been in real estate marketing for over 25 years, still love what I do – and especially – sharing what I know, with others. I have an entrepreneurial mind – am very self taught, and have been in a constant state of learning for decades. My work has been shared by HubSpot and PR Daily and my content views on Slideshare is among the top 1% in the world.

I have run my own successful business for 15 years, and have helped several small businesses launch theirs. I know how to put a business on the “Google” map with great content, interactive media – digital tools, story telling and of course, search engine optimization.

I like to get my hands dirty. In the “back-end” of things. I want to understand how platforms work – how to best utilize these tools to their fullest potential. And then streamline – and automate. The shortest- most effective, distance between A-B is not only my goal – but my passion.

I like to save my clients money. Spending time researching best methods, tools, strategies. Making informed decisions with a complete understanding of the product and then measuring it’s success. Analytics is key to understanding and marketing to your demographic.

My recent passion has been in luxury real estate marketing in Nova Scotia. 25 years ago, I was preparing feature packages with colored pencils and sending via Canada Post. Today, I advertise to a global market – with portals in the UK, US and now China. The buyers demographic and marketing tools have both grown exponentially.

These are the things that keep me (happily) awake at night. Keep me motivated and passionate.
1. Research. I’m always, always…. reading.
2. A thorough understanding through hands on use of marketing tools – social media, seo, content media, analytics.
3. Strategy – goal setting – implementation – measure – tweak, rinse & repeat.
4. Streamline. Establish processes, automate.

Those that know me, know I love what I do.

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