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About Nancy Bain

Welcome to SupernovaMedia.ca – a company that helps real estate agents establish, manage and monitor their online presence.

My name is Nancy Bain and I have been in real estate marketing for over 20 years.

From colored pencils to the world wide web.

In 1992 I began at 1761 Realty in Yarmouth Nova Scotia designing property brochures with colored pencils and photo copied images. Following, I learned page layout and print advertising from The Aurora Newspaper. By 1998 I was producing three Nova Scotia real estate tabloids and a classified paper, and I knew…. it was time to go out on my own.

My first company, Taylor Design & PrePress Inc. (named after my daughter) continues to publish Nova Scotia Home Finder magazine. Nova Scotia Home Finder is available to 30,000 homes on the south shore of Nova Scotia and is considered the “Bible” of the south shore. To meet the demand of our tech savvy and online readers I introduced the NovaScotiaHomeFinder.com in 2012. Nova Scotia Home Finder is enjoyed on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Scribd, Slideshare and at the Chronicle Herald.

Listen Hard. Change Fast.

Five years ago I had a happy accident. As a self employed entrepreneur I was fortunate to work from home and raise my daughter. Now in high school, she needed me less, and I knew… it was time to “get a life” of my own. More and more people were turning to online advertising, a whole new digital world had evolved and it excited me.

I flew to Tampa Florida to learn how to use content management systems to build websites. I had over 10 years experience in layout and design, it seemed the logical progression. Enter the happy accident….. While in Tampa I met a virtual tour dealer who introduced me to Real Tour Vision. Back in Nova Scotia I researched their technology, studied their marketing and enrolled in their 12 week Social Ignition course. This course opened my eyes to Google ranking, search engine optimization, link building, social media and relationship building. I fell in love. Supernova Media was born and I have been in a constant state of learning ever since. Today, I am the Social Media Director for Real Tour Vision.

Why Supernova Media.

This site is dedicated to helping real estate agents learn the skills of social media marketing and search engine ranking.

I love to share what I learn. I have been reading and writing content since I started Supernova with several hundred blogs, guides, tutorials and tips across the web. My work has been shared by HubSpot and PR Daily and my content views on Slideshare is among the top 1% in the world.

Our services include building optimized, functional and self managed WordPress websites, social media training and consulting, email marketing, mobile marketing, social media branding, interactive virtual tours and print advertising.

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