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Journey Through the Stars: The Supernova Method of Stellar LinkedIn Outreach

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Marketing | 0 comments


In the vast universe of LinkedIn, standing out is like trying to be a star burning brighter than billions in the galaxy. It’s not just about visibility, it’s about lighting the right paths and forming constellations of relationships. Powering this stellar journey? A sprinkle of celestial creativity and the futuristic force of AI.

Building Authority: Charting the Cosmic Course

  • Posting 5 days a week isn’t just an exercise, it’s a commitment. Each post, whether an AI-powered guide or a carefully crafted carousel, serves as my beacon, attracting kindred souls from the farthest reaches of the digital cosmos.
  • Topics? Always on-point: harnessing the power of AI in digital marketing, data-driven decision-making, best practices, ethical considerations, and more.

Adding Cosmic Value: Stellar Resonance

  • Every star has its day of supernova explosion. Case in point, the viral post on gender disparity among top LinkedIn creators. With over 58,599 impressions and a community resonating with its message, this wasn’t just another post, it was a movement.
  • The birth of Stellar Women Unite is a testament to the power of purpose. Bringing together 239 women, filling 6 vital positions, and crafting a web presence—all within a week—shows the kind of cosmic value that can be added with the right intent and execution.

Cultivating Relationships: Constellations in the Making

  • Relationships form the constellations that light up the LinkedIn universe. From daily conversations to the birth of Stellar Women Unite, every interaction has been a step towards building a brighter star cluster.
  • From offering insights, kudos, and supporting peers—although these might seem like small gestures in the grand tapestry of the digital universe, they make all the difference.

Navigating the Cold Outreach Nebula with Established Allies

After charting the vast expanse of the LinkedIn cosmos and forming constellations with like-minded stars, it’s time to venture into the uncharted territories of cold outreach. With the strength of established relationships acting as a guiding North Star, this journey becomes less about venturing into the unknown and more about expanding the ever-growing galaxy of connections. Harnessing the trust and rapport built over time, each message sent echoes with authenticity and intention, resonating with new stars waiting to be discovered.

Crafting the Perfect Message: Echoes in the Void

  • Every outreach begins with a message, but not all resonate. It’s about crafting sequences that not only capture attention but also engage and inspire.
  • The secret sauce? Streamlining, recording, and most importantly, leveraging data analytics to continually refine outreach strategies.

Best Practices for Cold Outreach: Illuminating the Darkness with Genuine Interest

While it’s tempting to send out messages en masse, hoping to connect with as many professionals as possible, the most impactful outreach is personal and genuine. Here are a few best practices that can guide your outreach voyage:

  1. Profile Reconnaissance: Begin by visiting the profile of the person you’d like to connect with. This isn’t just about seeing their title; dive deeper to understand their interests, achievements, and activities. This reconnaissance is crucial to crafting a message that resonates.
  2. Personalize the First Sentence: The initial line of your outreach should hint at the fact that you’ve taken an interest in their profile. Whether it’s a recent achievement, a post they shared, or even a mutual interest, mentioning this can set the tone for a more personal connection.
  3. Limit the Flair: If your brand voice involves a unique style, like Supernova Media’s cosmic flair, use it sparingly. One well-placed cosmic reference can intrigue, but too many might overwhelm.

Real-World Examples: Connecting Through the Cosmos

To provide a clearer picture, here are a couple of real-world examples that strike a balance between personalization and brand voice:

Example 1:

“Hi [Name],

I noticed your recent achievement on [specific achievement/detail]. Truly stellar! 🌟. Many realtors struggle with staying ahead in the digital space. I specialize in AI-powered marketing and have a FREE Ultimate ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for Realtors to help. Interested in connecting to chat more?

Cheers, Nancy”

Example 2:

“Hi [Name],

I was genuinely impressed by your insights on [specific topic/detail they’ve shared or commented on]. It’s not every day you come across such cosmic expertise. Digital marketing can be challenging for realtors. My FREE Ultimate ChatGPT Cheat Sheet is designed to give realtors an edge. Would you be open to a chat?

Best, Nancy”

Remember, the universe of LinkedIn thrives on genuine connections. Your messages should reflect not just what you offer, but also show genuine interest in the person you’re reaching out to.

Scheduling and Tracking: Harnessing the Power of the Cosmos with Precision Tools

Celestial navigators like us require the finest instruments. Here’s how you can channel the infinite power of the cosmos with finesse:

  1. Google Sheets for Organization and Reminders: Use Google Sheets to outline and manage your outreach plan. By setting up custom scripts, you can have automated reminders to ensure you stay on track. For example, a script can notify you a week after your initial outreach, reminding you to send a follow-up.
  2. Best Practices for Outreach Timing: Timing is key when sending out messages. A typical rule of thumb is to wait between a few days to a week before following up on an initial message. This approach ensures you give the recipient lots of time to respond, and isn’t seen as overly aggressive.
  3. KPIs for Measuring Success: Track KPIs like response rate, conversion rate, and engagement levels. Regularly reviewing these metrics ensures you can make data-driven adjustments to your strategies. For instance, if you notice a lower response rate, you might refine your message or outreach approach.
  4. The Power of A/B Testing: To determine which strategies are most effective, use A/B testing. By sending two versions of an outreach message and monitoring the results, you can determine which is more successful. For example, you might test different call-to-actions in your message to see which one provides a higher conversion rate.
  5. Google Analytics & Data Studio for Detailed Insights: Integrate Google Analytics to track important metrics, especially click-through rates from LinkedIn posts or messages. Then, use Google Data Studio to visualize these metrics, allowing you to quickly identify trends and make informed decisions.

Conclusion: To Infinity and Beyond!

Driven by passion and powered by AI my journey through the LinkedIn universe embarks on a new chapter – I’m excited to launch my outreach campaign tomorrow – harnessing these strategies we’ve just discussed. As I begin this expedition, I promise to share the insights and revelations I gather along the way. So, to all digital marketers and real estate agents aiming to harness the cosmic power of outreach: May your path be lit with supernovas!