Installing WordPress on Hostgator

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Installing WordPress is not a hard process. We will show you the simple setup steps you need to take.   We use Hostgator for all our hosting needs.  Their cpanel offers a quick installation option for WordPress.  Most major hosts will have a similar process.

First step:  log in to your cpanel, navigate to the “Software/services” Module, you will see the Fantastico Deluxe icon, click it.

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Here is the Fantastico panel you will see:

 supernova media

Select “WordPress” from the left hand column.  You will see the details of any WordPress installs you have installed on your hosting, shown in the right hand column.

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Please remember depending on your hosting package you have chosen you may have a limit set for how many databases are available to you.  Each instance of WordPress uses it’s own database.

Select  New Installation.

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Installation step 1 of 3.

From this screen you will be making some important decisions about your install of WordPress.  

Installation location:

If you have several domains under your hosting package you will have a pull down list to select from for the installation.

After you have selected the domain you will have to decide if you are installing WordPress in the main root directory of that domain or if you want to install it’s own directory.

Hint: if you will never have another instance of wordpress, then install it in the main directory, otherwise place it in it’s own directory. Your Domain can be pointed directly to that location.

Leave the “Install in directory” field empty to install in the root directory of the domain (access example: http://domain/).
For it’s own directory enter only the directory name.  This directory will be created automatically it should not already exist.”

Admin access data:

Set your username and password for your WordPress Site.  After you have installed WordPress and login for the first time, I strongly suggest adding yourself as a second user with different login credentials just to be safe.  You will need a unique email address for each user you add and make sure you select Admin as the user role for yourself.

Base Configuration:

Admin nickname:   not needed, but you can give yourself a nickname!
Admin email: make sure the email in this field is one you have access to.
Site Name: this is the actual name of your site
Description: fill in a brief description of your website, this will be used as the tag line.

Once you have all your information filled in, click on the “Install WordPress” buttom.

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Installation step 2 of 3

This is a good time to take some notes of your installation, write down the information for future use.  Yes it can be emailed to you in the next and final step, but I like to take written notes on my wordpress installs.

supernova media

Installation step 3 of 3

This window (shown above) will give you a review of your WordPress details.  It confirms that you have completed the setup correctly.  Fill in your email address to have this same information sent to you.   If you visit the admin URL of your site you will be taken to the login screen for the WordPress dashboard.

Also if you simply visit the url, minus the /wp-admin you will see your site with the default WordPress theme.  Notice your Site name?  Here’s what your new site will look like, fresh out of the box.

supernova media  


After Login Tips:

  • remember to add yourself as a second admin, 
  • most likely the version of WordPress will need to updated, do this now, 
  • select and install your theme and plugins,
  • start having fun, you are the proud owner a new WordPress Site!

Let us know if this helped, please leave a comment.


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