If you build it, will they come?

Marketers often wonder whether it makes sense to attempt to build their own social network around their product, company, brand or service. Some hire development shops to build a custom web site, others use white label products, and still others use hosted services like Ning. The problem with this approach, however, is that it’s extremely expensive to bring a significant enough number of users onto your own service to make it worth the expense (which can often run in the tens of thousands of dollars).

In most cases, it makes much more sense to craft your strategies targeting the social networks in which people already “live” online—once someone builds their profile and friend list on a popular platform like Facebook, it’s awfully hard to get them to move. A large and growing portion of some of the most valuable demographics are spending more of their time and attention on Facebook and less on other channels and media. Not only are college students and teenagers fully engaged in Facebook, but adults, professionals, and people from around the world now constitute a substantial portion of the Facebook user base as well. Today, over 400 million people worldwide are active on Facebook each month, with over 600,000 new people joining each and every day.

For the aggressive marketer interested in reaching Facebook users without spending much money, Facebook offers a assortment of viral channels to get the word out and creatively reach your target audience. The best part about these tactics is their cost: FREE!

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We also provide custom fan pages for your business.

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