How to promote your Custom Facebook Tab

Facebook launched the new Timeline Pages last month and Marketers have been scrambling to create new strategies, adapt marketing for more visual content, and learning how best to promote your Custom Facebook Tabs.

One of the most significant changes that came with Timelines for Pages is that we no longer have the possibility to set up a Tab as default landing for first-time visitors. A Tab that was mostly used to improve on Like Conversion and gave you the possibility to welcome visitors with a customized message.

Here is our tutorial for setup of your Timeline for Business Page.

Why Tabs are more relevant than ever

  • They were moved to prime real estate in the page right below the Cover Photo, what we now know as the “Favorites” section, making them more prominent
  • They got a lot more visual with the 111x74px graphic rather than the small favicon-like icon

These 2 points turn Facebook Pages almost into a brand minisite, think of the “Favorites” section as the navigation bar on your website.

This is our Supernova Media Facebook Page and how we make use of the “Favorites” section to promote products and events. Supernova Media on Facebook

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To emphasize your Custom Tab

  • Custom tabs can be up to 810px wide inside Facebook’s container which is 850px wide, with enforced left and right margins of 20px. 
  • You can create your own large thumbnail (“Custom Tab Image” or “View”) for all apps, even those you didn’t create! 
  • Make a Status Update “sticky”: You can “pin” status updates to keep them at the top of your updates for up to 7 days; 

To promote your Custom Tab

  • First, shorten the link (url) to your custom tab with
  • Include the shortened link your outgoing email signature
  • Include the shortened link on your business card
  • Include the shortened link on your website/blog
  • Include the shortened link on your social profiles – Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Google Plus
  • Include the shortened link on your Facebook Ads campaigns

With these techniques you can send all the traffic coming from external sources like your website and other social profiles and from your Ad campaigns to your Landing Tab, the only traffic that will still go directly to the Timeline is the one that comes from the Like Box and people coming from inside Facebook.

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