How to get rid of games in your Facebook newsfeed

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It’s one thing to get all the game requests, it’s another to see all your friends’ game activity in the newsfeed. I thought Edgerank was about serving me up the content that I want to see? Why is that I’m not seeing life events of the people I care about but I see game activity in the feed from acquaintances? Especially frustrating since I’ve opted out of every game request I’ve ever received, blocked the app, then blocked the person from sending me future requests. I’ll show you how to do that in another blog.

You can optimize your newsfeed in many ways. Hide those annoying game updates from friends and choose which updates you see from your friends or unsubscribe without unfriending. Again, that’s another quick blog to follow this one.

Ready? It’s fast and easy, with a few clicks we’ll get rid of  Facebook games in your newsfeed one game application at a time.


First, click on the little blue pic arrow beside the post. Then click “Hide all by…” This will take you to the following window:  







Note there are 8 different game apps listed. Be sure to click on each of the games to prevent them from showing in your feed.

There.. simple enough right? Now that you know how to do it, you’re going to get the chance to do it again. And again. I have 182 blocked apps now and I’ve blocked them all one at a time. Each time you go to your feed over the next couple of weeks you’ll have the opportunity to hide more games. Be diligent and eventually, you’ll have a squeaky clean newsfeed. That is; of course, until a new game comes out.  😉

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