How To Get More Likes On Facebook

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So, you’ve optimized your Facebook page for search and it is turning up nicely in the SERPS. You’ve branded it to match your website and other social profiles with clean, clear calls to action, WAIT!! you haven’t done that yet? Contact us, we’ll hook you up. 😉  You marvel at the success stories of how big brands are rockin’ it on Facebook  and growing their influence. And you want to know, “How do I get more likes on Facebook“. This is one of the most common questions I get asked. Now, it’s time to talk about growing your following and increasing the number of Likes on your Facebook page.  

There are two ways: 1) Organic (natural) way, and/or get a little help from 2) Facebook’s choices of Paid options.

More likes on Facebook - Nova Scotia Social Media Consulting

How to Get more likes on Facebook? A complete Guide at Nova Scotia Social Media Consulting.

According to this report,  organic postings are the most popular, but paid advertisements are the most successful. In both cases, you get more traffic and more fans on your page, and ultimately more clients on your website (or store) if you succeed at conversion. And this should be your goal. The purpose of your social media profiles is to drive traffic back to your website or custom landing pages. The sites you OWN. Where you will collect the lead and close the deal. Below, I’ll cover the basic social media tactics that you can use to promote your Facebook business page and engage with customers and page fans through paid ads, and “word of mouth”.

Paid Posts Achieve The Best Results

At least in the U.S., according to the above report, but the data is still valuable for Canada with certain estimations. This in-depth survey included 105 large advertisers who spend over $100,000 per year on social ads shows they are satisfied with the results and are getting what they pay for.

Facebook has a very good, simple and inexpensive platform that comes with a huge highly-targeted network, where advertisers have control over age, demographics, and even personal interests of the people seeing their ads. According to the latest research, even though Google still dominates the online ad market, Facebook is on the rise with a total of 6.5% of all money spent on online advertising last year.  Facebook Advertising is an excellent resource offering many help tutorials, check it out. Alright, let’s check out the type of ads offered to business users:

Standard, Marketplace Ads

These are the usual Facebook ads we all already know and recognize. They typically appear on the right hand side of users newsfeed with a small image, title, and two lines of text. You can choose where you want the ad to point users – to your Facebook page, website, or other designated landing page, – and your headline can’t be more than 25 characters with the ad’s body up to 90 characters. Here you can only use static images and the display is 99 x 72 pixels. Check this link for more data on recommended text and image sizes for each type of Facebook ad to ensure the highest resolution across your various placements.

When creating your advertisement you will be asked to define your target audience using demographic factors such as age, gender, location, or specific interest that match your business goal. Facebook will then estimate the total number of people your ad will be exposed to if you have enough budget. These ads allow you to reach new readers who aren’t connected to your page yet. Here you pay for impressions (CPM), and the number of people who end up seeing your ad depends on how much you can actually afford to spend.

Page Post Ads

Those of you who think side ads aren’t effective because people’s attention is focused on the newsfeed can try the page post advertisements. They appear exactly in the users newsfeed, just like any regular post and status update. These ads are perfect for increasing fans engagement, as well as promoting events and special offers. They include links, images, videos, offers, events and questions, and the targeting and payment options are same as with the standard ads.

Sponsored Stories

Facebook Sponsored Stories are relatively new type of advertising that target your business page fans and their friends, but the ads are driven by the organic activity of likes, shares and friends interactions. They help you extend your reach by showing your fans’ friends their interactions with your page. For example, the ad could say “Nancy Bain likes Supernova Media” and appear in some of my friends newsfeed.

This type of ad is much more personal because they show products and services our friends have tried and like, so the story comes more like a real-life word-of-mouth recommendation. You can use them to get more likes on your page, to increase engagement – likes, comments, shares, answers to questions, votes and check-ins, – to get more people to attend your event, or increase the uses and plays of your app. Watch Facebook Marketing Engineering and Product teams introduction to Sponsored Stories to get the idea.

Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts are similar to sponsored stories and are used to promote your actual posts to your existing fans and their friends, and  are activated from within the post you want to promote. They also appear in your fans’ friends newsfeeds which significantly increases the chances of them interacting with your page. Unlike Facebook standard and page post ads where you can advertise per click or impression, with promoted posts you pay a flat rate per given range of Facebook user that you want your post to reach.

Organic Facebook Marketing

While Facebook advertising can be a valuable tool for your business social media strategy, there are still plenty of ways you can reach new potential users without spending your limited budget. Following are some of the tactics we’ve used:

Organic SEO - A guide to get more likes on facebook at Nova Scotia Social Media Consulting

10 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook for FREE

1. Post quality content –  I know… This idea is not new and you’ve heard it a million times. In our next blog we’ll talk about how to develop a posting strategy and fan engagement. If you want to grow your following you need to give your current fans a reason to share and engage with your page. This can sometimes be difficult, but not if you are creative. Experiment with your posts and regularly review your insights to see what content your fans find most engaging to work out ideas of posts to share next that relate to your business and interest your readers.

2. Complete your Profile – Let visitors know why they should like you! Create a catchy description and make sure you categorize your page correctly.

3. Be mindful of timingDon’t post too often in a short period of time. You will annoy your fans and hurt your page newsfeed ranking (EdgeRank). Wait an hour instead before you share something new. Read our article The Best Time to Post to Social Media.

4. Suggest your page to friends – Again, avoid being annoying by constantly asking all your friends to like your page. Select only those you think your page is relevant to, who would want to know more about what you have to say, and invite them to your page.

5. Import your business email contacts – You probably have an email list of contacts related to your business. This is a truly valuable resource for all your marketing efforts. Use this list to personally invite your partners and existing customers to like your page via email. You can easily import client email addresses right from your Facebook page.

6. Add your Facebook vanity url to your outgoing email signature – Included in your outgoing email signature should be links to your social profiles as well as your contact information and call to action.

7. Embed social plugins on your website and blogCheck out the widgets Facebook offers to its users and select the most appropriate to embed on your website and blog. You will enable visitors to easier connect with your business. The Like Box for example allows them to like your page without leaving the site. You definitely need this one if you want more fans on your page.

8. Spread the word  – Drop the logo everywhere you can, – in your Twitter description, on your Pinterest profile, on your business card, in your weekly or monthly email newsletters. Make it easy for people to notice your page and they will certainly support you.

9. Run contestsGive things away for free to grow your fan base. According to a Synapse study  35% of  20 major brands Facebook fans liked a page in order to participate in contests, and 42% of them in order to get a coupon or discount. This works. Consumers love saving money, particularly with brands they know and trust. Think outside the box and find ways you can give them this opportunity with your brand.

10. Find what interests your community – With Graph Search it’s really easy to find out what interests your target community, and post relevant content. ie: I did a search for, “Favorite interests of people who like Social media and live in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia“.

Supernova Tip – Use Photos in your posts. Facebook posts with photos receive the highest click-throughs in organic and the most engagement on the paid side compared to other updates like offers, questions, and more.

Superchagre Your Social Media - Complete info on Nova Scotia Social Media Consulting

Supernova uses a combination of organic and paid advertising to get more likes. We have invested in Promoted Posts to drive our content into more people’s feed, and purchased Standard ads with some success. Combining the organic tactics with paid Facebook ads and campaigns can supercharge your  social media marketing. Do you agree?

Looking forward to hearing your stories! Drop your Facebook page url in the comments below and if you haven’t already head over and give Supernova a like!

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