How to Add a Blog Post – WordPress 101 Tutorial

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How to Add a blog post to WordPress


This tutorial will help you through out writing your first post.


This is what your writing panel looks like. Note the Title Field which is at the top. Right below the title field, you see the Permalink. Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual posts. The Permalink does not populate until you put your cursor in the Post Content Field. You do not need to change the Permalink. It will automatically populate. However: if you edit a Title you must ALSO edit the Permalink.

Note the Formatting Options. This is very similar to Word. ie: bold, underline, italics, headings, align, bullets, quotations, etc.

There is also a Word Count feature that you can see. But the most robust feature is that Add Media area right below the Permalink structure


Once you click the Add New button you will see the above screen. Click Upload Files to upload files from your computer. Or Media Library to choose an image already in your Media Library.

You can upload several images at a time by holding the shift key down while selecting images. NOTE: Your images should be named prior to uploading using your keywords.


Once your files have been uploaded you can complete the attachment details for each of the photos.

We recommend using a combination of your keywords for the Title, Alt Text and Description for better SEO results. Read our blog to get the lodown on images here:


Adding an image to your post:


To add an image to your blog post, simply place your cursor within the body text where you would like to add the image. Click the add media button and choose an image from your media library.

Note the Picture Icon at the top left of the Supernova Media logo. When you click the picture icon you can edit your image. More editing features are available in the Advanced Settings.



Setting the Featured Image

You can set a featured image to display as the “icon” (main image) for your blog. (the small photo that appears on Facebook for example when you share a link)


Click Featured Image (to open the usual file upload pop-up) but instead of clicking Insert into Post, select Use As Featured Image instead. Close the pop-up and you should now see your featured image added to the sidebar to indicate you were successful.

Adding Categories and Tags:

Located in the right hand side bar of your dashboard: Categories and tags help you sort your content and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Read our blog here: Categories vs Tags, what’s
the difference:



Publish your Post:

You can make your post public or you can choose to password protect it or make it completely invisible. This option is available on your Publish box. You have to click on “Edit” next to “Visibility: Public” to see these settings. Just change the settings, add a password if you want it protected and click Publish.

You can also setup your post to be published in the future. You can access this setting by clicking on the Edit link next to “Publish immediately“. Just set the date/time you want your post to be published.


Blogging Tips

It’s all about building a community

  1. Choose your niche topic / Write about what you’re passionate about.
  2. Write useful and unique content.
  3. Minimum 250 words, maximum 1000.
  4. Add fresh content regularly (at least once a week).
  5. Build a community of readers who expect frequent posts.
  6. Visit similar sites regularly, give a thumbs up or post a comment (helps build your community).
  7. Use titles effectively.
  8. Make posts scannable.
  9. Submit your blog and url to search engines ie: Yahoo.
  10. Link to other sites who are addressing similar issues.
  11. Comment on other blogs, and respond back to those who comment on your blog.
  12. Make sure comments are enabled on your site and visible.
  13. Be sure to have an RSS feed so readers know when you post fresh content.
  14. Tag your posts.
  15. Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg.
  16. Remember to optimize your posts for SEO using relevant keywords and links.
  17. Create visual interest with images.
  18. Join forums. Reach out to like minded people and make connections.
  19. Include your blog url in your outgoing email signature.
  20. Share your blog to social networking sites.
  21. Add “blogs I follow” to your blog.

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