How Crucial Is Social Media for Your SEO Ranking?

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, have been around long enough for everyone to realize their huge importance as marketing and communication channels. But, not everyone is fully aware how crucial social media actually is for the search engine friendliness of their websites.

For a long time webmasters simply created keyword rich pages with content that satisfied robots’ criteria and generated inbound links (mostly through link farms) to be able to rank high in search engines’ results of social media for your seo ranking. At that time  algorithms weren’t able to differ between valuable content created for human readers and content created solely to rank in search. Such black-hat SEO tactics weren’t completely outlawed until May this year, when Google updated its Penguin Algorithm that affected hundreds of thousands of websites. They saw immediate falls in their organic search rankings, which meant less visibility, less traffic, and ultimately less sales for them. The update showed exactly how determined Google is in its effort to deliver only the most relevant results when users enter a search query. Read Google Favors Social Sharing over SEO

Authority is one of the main concepts in terms of SEO

Domain authority refers to the strength of your website when compared to your competitor’s website, which will determine whether you will appear higher up in the organic search results of social media for your seo ranking. Higher ranking means greater visibility, a chance for more people to see your site when they search online for the types of products and services that you offer.

If we knew how authority is calculated we could perfectly shape our SEO efforts. But the problem is there is no definitive set of used metrics, and Google only mentions creating quality and useful content for users and avoiding malicious tactics in its Webmaster Guidelines, not going much into the specifics.

For search engines to see a website as more authoritative the content must first and foremost interest and engage real humans. In order to be successful, businesses today must shape and drive their SEO activities with high quality content designed for people to read and apply in everyday life

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So, how do search engines identify quality content?

When scanning your website search engines robots look for on-site SEO signals and turn to social media for brand mentions, discussions and shared content. If people talk about, share and engage with your web content, that’s a clear message to search engines that people see it as valuable. Here are the four most important SEO signals the bots look for in social media:

Social Media And Seo - Guide On Nova Scotia Social Media TrainingEngagement – The initial assumption is that people only talk about and share good quality content. More likes, re-tweets, +1s and shares, their greater frequency, and higher domain authority of those sharing can all significantly boost your website rankings.

Mentions – If people often mention your company and business on social websites that indicates to search engines that your website is authentic and authoritative, and that you followers that enjoy the content that you share.

Linked content – Using features like Author Attribution (which connects your online articles and blog posts to your Google+ profile;  lets Google track all your linked content and attribute it to one original source. This way, at least in theory, scrapers and syndicating websites can’t benefit from your own original work. Read: Google’s Authorship in 3 Easy Steps

Backlinks – The number of backlinks continues to be very important in SEO, and this was confirmed with Searchmetrics Rank Correlation 2013 Study which also verified the high correlation between the social media for your seo ranking signals and better rankings. But unlike before, emphasis is now placed upon natural backlinks generated as a result of others blogging about your content, or from shares on sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

Do you think social media influences your site rankings? Are your social efforts helping your website optimization? Tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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