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If you’ve been following Hope’s story you know that her mother; Ellie surprised police officers by giving birth on the way to the local shelter after she was seized from a home. One puppy was born enroute and 6 more beautiful puppies followed after her arrival at the local SPCA.

I first heard of Ellie’s story via a Facebook friend. After a quick phone call to Oakland Vet I learned that there was one female puppy left. It was closing time when I called so we arranged for me to see her first thing the next morning.

“Visiting” newborn puppies is not for the faint of heart. I knew in advance that if that puppy was still available for adoption  my heart would melt and I would want to take her home. A totally emotional decision is typically very fast. I’ve made emotional decisions in the past that I’ve regretted, so I wanted to be sure that my decision was based in logic and that emotion was the “deciding factor”. I do not recommend adopting any dog unless you know for sure you are ready. Here is a great quiz to help you determine if you are ready for a puppy.

Dog lovers and professional trainers often say that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner. These days, the dog that gets the most attention on this topic is the Pit Bull.

 “The Pit Bull wasn’t always synonymous with bad dogs,” explains celebrity dog trainer and Pit Bull owner Harrison Forbes, a family man with three young children. “By nature, they are in fact very intelligent, fun loving, and affectionate, and thus make great family dogs.

But every era has its ‘bad dog.’ Back in the 70’s, the Doberman was the tough guy’s dog of choice. In the ’80s, it was the Rottweiler. Since the ’90s, it’s been the Pit Bull. The problem is that it’s sustained this image a lot longer than other tough dog breeds because they have what behaviorists call a ‘soft temperament.’ This means that they are easy to handle and look a lot tougher than they are.”


Raising any dog is a responsible job. And raising a Pit Bull is no different. Here is a great article from Cesar Milan on raising a balanced Pit Bull. Socialization is key. Both with humans and other dogs. We plan to bring Hope to a weekly puppy play date, obedience classes and to a local Pit Bull breeder for socialization. 

If; after careful consideration, you would consider to open up your heart and home to a Pit Bull, I ask you to consider Ellie. See her at Oakland Vet in this video. She has blossomed in their care, including putting on over 10 pounds (she was emaciated when they brought her in) and has been a perfect Mom to her babies.

Clearly, Ellie is very very special. If you or someone you know may be interested in providing her a “fur-ever” home, please contact Oakland Vet. We will continue to keep you up to date with her progress and with Hope’s arrival home.

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