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SupernovaMedia.caGoogle Plus (beta) was launched June 28th by invitation only. It’s been 9 days since I received my invite and began feeling my way around.

I figured it could go either one of two ways for me. If the interface was difficult (or not engaging) I would lose interest quickly or; if the opposite were true, I could become addicted (yet again) to the “next best thing” (the latter has happened).

Luckily, I had already completed a Google Profile, so setup was a breeze and I spent the first day clicking, reading and watching. By the second day I realized (quite by surprise) how very tired of Facebook I’d become.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got mad love for Facebook, but things have changed and evolved for me over the years. Initially, I added everyone who sent a request, most people who were suggested, friends of friends, people I vaguely remembered, any and all family.

I spent considerable time organizing over 900 friends into lists, adjusting privacy settings and targeting my status updates. More time was spent optimizing my newsfeed to show specific friends lists, blocking game requests, desperately trying to have some control of the home page. There was so much “noise” my newsfeed became overwhelming and people got lost in the shuffle. And slowly, I began to tune-out.

There are few places I continue to spend time on Facebook. My Facebook page, a Tech Support Group I belong to and some favourite brand pages. I couldn’t tell you the last time I creeped a profile or scrolled past the first screen in my newsfeed. (activities I initially spent a lot of time doing)

Google+ feels much less overwhelming. First, I do not have to target my updates. I have no family or close friends on Google+. Although I have created a few circles, the bulk of my contacts fit into one circle (networking). These are like minded individuals whom I can learn from. My stream (newsfeed equivalent) is “a beautiful thing” with thoughtful creative posts and I find myself logging in there first, daily.

I’ve created a Google Plus Tutorial for beginners to help newbies, those not yet invited and the curious. I’d be anxious to hear your thoughts, tips and experiences.


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