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If you haven’t already heard by now Google has launched a brand new social network called Google Plus. Google plus is Google’s third attempt at entering the social media space, after two failed attempts with Orkut and Google Buzz.

You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have time for ANOTHER social network”.  But this is Google, so we at Supernova Studios are paying attention. No worries though, it’s still in beta which means a lot of changes will be forthcoming. In the meantime if you haven’t already, you should set up a Google account. Your photos are displayed next to your Google account now in search results. Photos always elicit engagement.  Complete your Google profile today.

Some of the key Google+ features we’re enjoying:

  • Circles are groups of friends you organize by topic: Friends, Family, College Buddies, Business Associates, Clients, etc. Target posts directly to those in your client Circle!
  • Huddles is group messaging for people within your Circles.  For those of you who like to keep in touch on the fly via mobile, this is a great feature.
  • Hangouts  are virtual rooms where you can video chat with people in your circles. Fantastic way to have “face to face” video conferencing with staff or clients.
  • Sparks is like Google Reader, except it brings content to you automatically based on your interests. Each topic (tech, market trends, whatever) provides links to related articles, videos, photos, etc.

We’ve created a Google Plus Tutorial for beginners to help newbies, those not yet invited and the curious. 

Supernova Tip:

As you all know, Google has introduced its new “+1” feature in their search result which has the same functionality as the Facebook “Like” button. +1 might change the nature of personalization. The difference between a standard result and a personalized result could get bigger and that would be an interesting SEO development. ie – you could rank better on Google Add the Google +1 to your website now: Here’s how

Want an Invite?

Google+ is invite-only right now. You can visit the Google+ home page to request one. Alternatively, click reply to this email and I will send you a personal invitation.Eventually, everyone with a Google account will be phased in to the program.

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