Google + for Business

Google Plus for Business:

At the moment Google Plus is only available for private persons, but that doesn’t prevent you from being an ambassador for your brand via a profile. Getting more followers on G+:
1.   Invite people from your other social media networks to Google Plus – Leverage your Facebook/Twitterexposure.

2.   Engage strategically on people’s content – Add thoughtful comments that spark conversation.

3.   Direct  comments to people in threads shared by those you circle – Make their name a live link to their profile by using the “+” key and then type their name.

4.   +1 Individuals comments that you think add value to the conversation – Increase the likelihood that they will click over to your profile to learn more.

5.   Place your Google Plus profile link on your site – people will want to add you in other places, based on the past experience with other networking sites

6.   Share high quality content with “Extended Circles” –  content shared with extended circles reaches your friend’s connections. Google+ is invite-only right now. You can visit the Google+ home page to request one. Alternatively click reply to this email and I will send you a personal invitation.

To help you we have created a Google 201 Tutorial, click here to view!

Supernova Tip:

Monitor your Brand using Sparks. Set up listening posts and stay in the know about your favourite subjects, your name, your competition or anything else important to your life or business right in your G+ dashboard.

Optimize your G+ Profile

1) use geographic keywords and link back to several pages within your site
2) aim for 250 words in your intro section
3) choose your headline carefully (consider geo-keywords)
4) the first couple sentences will provide the rich snippet info Google will show in search results – choose carefully
5) update social links – name them by platform
6) consider your contact settings carefully
7) do not include the year of your birth.


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