Google favors Social Sharing over SEO

I read an article this week on Forbes that got the blood pumping. I love to blog. LOVE to blog… it goes hand in hand with my love affair with social media, and; of course, my ego. 

Anyone can have a voice on the net. offers free blogging sites, Twitter lets you microblog in 140 characters or less, Facebook invites you to share what’s on your mind…. and I do. And, like most of you, I get excited when people listen, respond, and engage.

In 2009 I learned from some of the best SEO experts, to have keyword rich content. Keywords in the first sentence, bold keywords, keywords in the title, keywords in image alt tags, keywords in meta tags and backlinks. In my blogging course I recommend between 2.5-5% keyword density. 

Some of the keywords I try to rank on are “Nova Scotia Web Design”. Can you imagine reading a blog where I repeated “Nova Scotia Web Design” more than 5% of the time? I’m pretty sure, you wouldn’t be back.

I said I learned from some of the best, I didn’t say I followed their advice. Keyword stuffing my content just didn’t feel natural, and in fact, took the fun out of it.

Google Penguin algorithm update was first announced in April 2012 and aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that use SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, link schemes and duplicate content. It’s Google’s way of cleaning up spam and rewarding sites that follow the rules.  

Don’t get me wrong.  You still need to have your keywords in place so that search engines know what your site is  about. Your images should still be optimized by keyword names and of course your title should have your keywords first. 

When link building, your brand name links should out number your keyword links, including your URL. (domain names with keywords still have higher ranking) Having links like “click here” and “visit us” (instead of keywords) are a great way to keep your blog looking natural.

Content is (still) king! Update your blog regularly. We try to blog at least twice a week. Share your content and industry research. People love information, guides and tutorials. We love to share our expertise and how we do things. Check out our Slideshare marketing tutorials for business

You want to keep Google happy right? Design your site and write your content so it follows Google’s best practices.  

This is what we know:

Monitor the health of your site regularly. View our Guide to Google Webmaster Tools to learn how to add your site, check indexing status, see 404 and crawl errors. 

Use Google Analytics to get interaction metrics on Facebook and Twitter. View our Guide to Google Analytics

69% of people access the net via mobile device DAILY. Your site should be mobile friendly. Google loves a responsive web design

Write to the human and not to spiders. Google loves great, unique content that inspires people to share. It’s about the buzz you create and the value you provide your followers. 

“Google favors social sharing: likes, shares, tweets,  and +1’s, with less emphasis on people linking to your site. It’s all about social “shares” and engagement on your site”. Read full article.  

The great news? If you write about a subject you are passionate about, you’ll write often. Google loves a site/blog that is updated regularly. The more fresh content you add to your site, the more often your site will be indexed and crawled. Writing from you heart to (real) people and not spiders should feel natural and fun.

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GO! Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coaching

Love, love, love this article.  I love to blog too but haven't been. However, when I read one of your other articles not to long ago about writing "how tos" etc, I got so excited.  I can write a gazillion blogs on that, just in demonstrating exercise alone.  So now my goal is to write at least ONE "how-to" blog per week until I can do more.  Also, I'm sort of happy to hear about the SEO and organic keyword data (just read your most recent article) because I spend time tracking keywords, and sometimes stressing (ha).  I like the fact that using my technical language in my industry to build great content will help.  I do make an effort to properly name all my images and pdf files I upload to be keyword friendly as well as page urls and titles.  You told me that a long time ago and it makes perfect sense.  Thanks again Nancy.  

So, correct me if I'm wrong - when we post status update on our social media sites, is it a good idea to use keywords in the first sentence?  Are you saying that helps us?

nancyebain moderator

@GOHealthFitLife Thanks for dropping by Tammy. I will be making it a point to comment on at least 10 (authority) blogs per week btw. I ran my site through and was surprised to see how well my comments had ranked and the strong backlinks they provided. Be sure to visit similar sites to yours that have a tonne of traffic and comment on them if you can. 

Always use your keywords in your social updates (when possible) and the closer they are to the front of the post the better. The first 18 characters of your FB update, for example serve as the meta for that post.

I suggest you send your blogs out via a broadcast through Mailchimp (separately from your Newsletter) to make sure they are "seen". 


Thanks for reminding me of the importance of blogging! I find it so difficult to keep up with my own site, and I really need to make more time for it!!

nancyebain moderator

@Ashley How are you making out Ashley? Blogging lots?