Google Analytics Product Update

Remarketing with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics web insights to find out about your website visitors who show an interest in your products and services (viewers who spend time viewing specific pages or put items in their shopping cart). 

Once you’ve identified your target audience,  show them targeted ads across the Google Display Network that responds directly to their preferences. 

Reach over 2 million websites on the Google Display Network to display ads to your target audience you’ve identified through Google Analytics.

You can select from predefined marketing lists, or create  your own customized lists, then send your list to Google Adwords to run targeted ads to over 2 million websites on the GDN.

Use GDN to:

  • connect with exactly the right customers
  • deliver targeted GDN ads
  • identify and win new customers in your region
  • bring back customers who made a purchase in the past
  • help close the deal for tentative comparison shoppers
  • retain customers

Optimize your content with Content Experiments

We have goals for the visitors of our website:

  • make a purchase
  • sign up for a newsletter
  • view particular content

Using Experiments you can test how different versions of your pages work in getting your visitors to accomplish these goals.  

Content Experiments is little different than the A/B testing we talked about in 9 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign  (without modifying your page you can test different color, layout versions of your page and ask your customers what they find more appealing/engaging).  

Content Experiements allows you to test more than two versions of a page as in A/B testing, it allows you to test up to five full versions of a single page, delivered to visitors from a separate URL. 

Most people land on your homepage. This is the first page you should use for testing. If you want to “push” a particular product or service, you can create several new versions of the home page to drive people to those particular pages (ie a big red banner that says save 25% on web design) with content specific to web design.

Once you launch your experiment a random sample of visitors see the different pages, including your original home page, and then you measure which page gets the highest percentage of visitors.

When you see which page drives the most conversions, you make make that one live for all your visitors.

 Learn the value of your pages

Use the Page Value metric to learn how much revenue has been contributed by a page or set of pages in comparison to the rest of your website. If you have goals set up, go to any Content report, and you’ll see Page Value in the last column. 

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