Facebook Rolls Out New Features: Check Your Privacy Settings

On the same day Google Plus introduced their new embedded posts , Facebook vice president Justin Osofsky announced in a blog post the company’s new exclusive relationship status with several media outlets including CNN, NBC’s Today Show, Buzzfeed, BSkyB, Slate, and Mass Relevance. These two new features – Public Feed API and Keyword Insights API –give the news organizations (and the social engagement platform) access to trends and real-time conversations from 1.15 billion users worldwide (19 million of which are in Canada).

This means that these companies can now tap into a real-time feed of all publicly shared posts relevant to the keywords they search. By publishing these posts they are blending in Facebook conversations into their broadcasts and coverage. The Keyword Insights API also gives them access to the number of people who mentioned those words in both public and private posts in a given time frame, as well as their demographics, their age, gender and location.

The new features, which will later be available to other top media partners and preferred marketing developers, are only a continuation of Facebook’s hard work in past months, aiming to highlight the public conversations that happen on the social site including features like hashtags, trending topics, embedded posts, or graph search.

Even though both APIs completely respect your privacy settings (no one can access your private posts and your name is never linked to your demographic data), you still should take same time to look into your Facebook privacy settings. You don’t always want the things you share to accidentally show up in search or on the news. Here’s what to check for:

Personal Profiles

Your About section is probably the first thing you should tweak since it contains most of your personal information like your current location, birthday, relationship status, political views, etc. Click the About tab below your cover photo and edit each section separately selecting the type of audience you want to view that particular information. Scroll down the page and you’ll also be able to edit the privacy settings for the things you like, – music, movies, restaurants, etc.

Next is your Activity Log. It controls what will show up in your timeline. You can revise every post, like, photo, tag, comment, etc. and limit their visibility by clicking the two-headed icon and choosing the desired audience. Here you can also report and remove yourself from tagged posts and photos.

Last but not least is to limit the visibility of your past posts. Open your Privacy Settings and under Privacy you’ll see the Who can see my stuff section. Select Friends for your future posts and then press Limit Old Posts to change the audience for all your past posts without individually reviewing them.

Check what other users see when they look at your page by selecting View As from the drop down menu next to the Activity Log. Type in the friend’s name who you would like to see your page as, or choose public to audit the changes in your Facebook profile.

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Company Pages

Company pages on Facebook come with default security settings that allow everyone to be able to see the page and let users share posts, upload photos and add videos to the page. As page admin you can change these settings, adding age and location restrictions, changing posting options, or blocking abusive and other unwanted words in the posts.

Login to your business profile on Facebook and select Edit Settings from the Edit Page drop down menu in the admin panel. If you want only the admins to be able to see your page select Unpublish Page; otherwise your page will be visible to the public.In the Post Visibility allow posts by others on your page timeline, and in Posting Ability select who can post and add photos and videos. You can also add Country and Age Restrictions allowing only certain groups of users to interact with your Facebook page, block posts or comments that contain undesired words in Page Moderation, or add medium or strong Profanity Filter. Next to the Settings tab you can also edit the Admin Roles.

Facebook Fanpage Settings

When was the last time you checked your Facebook privacy settings? Is there something important I didn’t mention? Tweet me your thoughts @nancyebain or share them in the comments below.

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