How to Add/Remove WordPress Navigation Menu Item

Adding items to your wordpress navigation menu is as simple as checking the proper boxes for which ever type of item you  want and then clicking – Add to Menu. Yes,  really it’s just that simple!   In this video we will show you how.


Video Summary

Here’s How: goto your wordpress dashboard >> then to the appearance tab>> then click on menus.

[note color=”#88cc00″ ]NOTE: If you do not see the Appearance menu option, you are not an administrator on the wordpress site.[/note]

Now you will have the Menu Page opened. On the left you will see the menu placement option. That is where you select which menu to display where. Primary and Secondary., with pull down selection for choosing the menu you want to be displayed in that navigation area.

FYI:  different themes will have different menu placements. Here I am talking about the Genesis child theme – Agent Press version 2 by Studiopress.

Below that you will see the items that can be chosen for the menu items, pages, categories, custom link, posts, tags, etc.

If you do not see these, goto the top right hand corner of the WordPress dashboard select the screen options and place a check mark in the appropriate option from the list.

To start off when you create a menu you need to give it a name, here you will see several menu titles, the one I will be editing is called “Test Menu”.

Once you have the proper menu selected to edit, you can easily add menu items as simply as checking the items from the page list. You can other items to your menu as well, categories, custom urls, etc.

Place a check mark, by clicking the box, beside the items you want, and click the add to menu button, the items will now appear in the menu window to the right. You can drag and drop them in the order you want and place them as child pages (pull downs) of the page above by moving them to the right as you drop them into place. Click the save menu, and view your page to see the new menu items you have added. Remembering to refresh your page to see your changes.

If you want to remove an item simple open/expand the item you are going to remove by clicking the down arrow to the right of the item. Once expanded, click on the Remove link. This only removes the items link from your menu. It does not delete the page from your site.

By watching the video you will see this in action.  If you have any questions or need help please contact us

Thanks 😆


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