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Custom Instructions for ChatGPT: A Quantum Leap in Personalized AI Conversation

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence | 0 comments

Greetings, fellow cosmic explorers,

It’s time for another starlit journey through the vast expanse of the AI cosmos, with yours truly, Captain Nancy, at the helm of the starship Supernova Media. Today, we’re going to uncover the newest treasure that OpenAI has bestowed upon us: Custom Instructions for ChatGPT!

This shiny new feature is like upgrading your spaceship with a hyper-intelligent autopilot, designed to navigate the cosmos exactly as you would, carrying the essence of your personal touch in every maneuver. Custom Instructions for ChatGPT is the latest quantum leap in our journey, offering an unprecedented level of control and personalization in our AI-guided adventures.

In our previous adventures, we’ve navigated the OpenAI Playground’s ‘System’ feature, a tool that directs individual AI interactions much like a map guides a space traveler. However, the new ‘Custom Instructions’ feature acts more like a comprehensive star chart, maintaining your preferred tone, style, and approach across multiple AI engagements. In essence, it’s a finely-tuned autopilot for all your AI conversations. From transient maps to persistent star charts, AI guidance has taken a monumental leap forward.

The Power of Custom Instructions

Our starship’s onboard AI, ChatGPT, now has the ability to retain your preferences and apply them to all future conversations. Imagine setting your spaceship to always maintain the right orbital speed or aligning its course to your favorite constellation – that’s what this feature brings to your AI interactions.

Plugins and Instructions

The excitement doesn’t stop there! The integration of these instructions can also elevate your experience with plugins. Let’s visualize this with a scenario: Say, you’ve set your home base location in the instructions, and you’re using a plugin that helps you dock your spaceship for a cosmic dinner. Now, the model will automatically suggest docking stations near your home base!

How to Launch Your Custom Instructions

Ready for liftoff? Follow the stardust trail:

  1. Web navigators: Click on your avatar → Settings → Beta features → opt into Custom instructions. You’ll find Custom Instructions appearing in the drop-down menu under your avatar.
  2. iOS astronauts: Go to Settings → New Features → switch on Custom instructions. The Custom instructions will be waiting in your settings.

Use Cases in the AI Cosmos

Think of Custom Instructions as the North Star guiding your AI journey. Here are 10 use cases to let this star shine:

  1. Expertise calibration: You can set your level of expertise in specific fields, so the AI doesn’t lose you in tech jargon or oversimplify things.
  2. Writing style personalization: Here at Supernova Media, we’ve set our instructions to maintain our signature “cosmic flair” style, ensuring every AI-generated content remains consistent with our brand voice.
  3. Localization: Specify your operating context, e.g., a marketer governed by specific country’s laws, to help the AI better tailor its responses.
  4. Navigating Nebulas of Sensitivity: Instruct our starship AI to tread lightly around sensitive topics, handling these nebulae of controversy with the utmost care.
  5. Adherence to Galactic Laws and Guidelines: Whether there are unique company policies or space-age legal guidelines to follow, ensure your AI keeps to the right cosmic course.
  6. Tone and Formality: Switching Frequencies: From laid-back interstellar chatter to formal transmissions to the Galactic Council, guide your AI’s tone to suit your communication needs.
  7. Star-Charted Preferences: Tailor your AI to navigate through the cosmos of content, recommending galaxies of interest tailored to your unique tastes.
  8. Professional Space Lingo: Whether you’re a medic in the Med-Bay or an engineer in the ship’s hold, instruct your AI to adopt the right jargon for your field.
  9. Orbiting Your Routine: Set the AI to synchronize with your daily space routine or productivity methods, creating a truly personalized onboard assistant.
  10. Steady Character Trajectory: Whether in drafting space operas or role-playing stellar adventures, ensure the AI maintains the voice, history, and behavior of your crafted characters.

This is truly a cosmic milestone in our AI journey, and I’m excited to see how you will leverage this feature. Remember, fellow space explorers, in the vast and expanding cosmos of AI, we’re not just passengers, we’re captains, and it’s up to us to chart our own course.

Over and out,
Captain Nancy, Supernova Media. #ItsMeWithAI #AIForNewbies

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