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Do you have a custom Facebook page for your business? How is it doing? Are you pleased with results? It’s taken 2 years to build a successful, engaged audience at Supernova Studios

What do I mean by successful? 2011 was the first year we earned revenue as a result of this page. Now, if I were to divide that revenue by the number of hours I’ve invested in this page, well…. I’d have been paid in peanuts. But 2011 is just the beginning and each week we seem to be given a new opportunity. Opportunities from around the globe, ones we wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for Facebook.

Two years ago, when I first created the page, I utilized the “suggest to friends” feature to suggest to ALL my friends that they “like” my page.  I’ve got some good friends and more than half of them obliged and clicked like. Back in 2009 it was all about the numbers for me. I measured my success/reach by the number of my friends/fans.

A lot has changed since then. Most of the friends who clicked like on my page have since stopped following my page and the fans I have now, have come to me organically. These are the type of fans that make an engaged audience. These are the type of fans I crave. The ones that WANT to be there. The ones LOOKING for my services.

SupernovaMedia.caOur latest opportunity came from a Realtor in Central Florida. This client was referred to me by someone who follows me closely on my Facebook page. I was pumped for two reasons: the referral was from a reputable marketer, and; I was excited to service clients in another country again.


Here is the custom Facebook fan page we created for Exit 1st Class Realty.


1) created a custom avatar

2) created a custom thumbnail

3) designed the 5 ads in the photostrip at the top of the page

4) created a custom Facebook landing page for new clients which points to their website

5) Installed “My Listings” which showcases their listings

6) Installed an opt-in

7) Fully optimized their site for search

8) Provided a work summary

9) Provided “Facebook Best Practices” a tutorial we’ve written, to ensure success.

If you have questions about your Facebok page, feel free to post them to our wall.


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About Nancy Bain

Our services include building optimized, functional and self managed WordPress websites, Nova Scotia social media training and consulting, interactive full screen high definition virtual tours with lead capture and print advertising. For most of our clients, we are their one stop solution for all things marketing, branding and small business development related.

Lisa Castro
Lisa Castro

Hey Nancy, I have been surfing your blog. What amazing information. I really enjoyed your webinar a couple of weeks ago and will soon be attempting to create my Facebook Fanpage, Google plus account and Ugh a twitter account. That last one I have totally avoided. I may call you up to pick your brain some time. Thanks for all of the amazing info!

Nancy Bain
Nancy Bain

Hi Lisa! Nice to hear from you, and thanks very much. If you need a hand you know how to find me! Twitter is not my favorite either, but a GREAT Google link. You can syndicate your FB updates to Twitter to save time.

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