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Our multidimensional approach to content creation combines celestial creativity with AI-powered precision. Whether it’s crafting compelling narratives for your blog or developing eye-catching visuals, we make sure your brand is as mesmerizing as a supernova. We’re proud to say that our work has been featured by industry luminaries like HubSpot and PR Daily.

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Mercury Plan

Small business

$490/ per year

Lite includes

Lead website

Optimised for mobile

Automatic updates


Venus Plan

Mid-size business

$990/ per year

Everything from lite +

SEO for top keywords

E-commerce setup

2 monthly blog posts


Jupiter Plan

For agencies

$1,490/ per year

Everything from pro +

Custom design

Social media graphics

Email setup

Google analytics setup

Membership options

Monthly reporting

Our Process

Stellar Content, Universe of Possibilities

Navigate the digital universe with precision. Our comprehensive service portfolio—spanning strategy formation, AI-driven content creation, quality assurance, and performance tracking—gives you a dashboard akin to a spaceship’s control panel, all tailored to elevate your brand to astral heights

Initial Consultation

We sit down to understand the orbits your business revolves in, getting to know your industry, audience, and objectives.

Strategy Formation

Like setting coordinates for a space expedition, we map out the types of content that will resonate most with your audience.

AI-Driven Content Creation

Leveraging the most advanced AI tools, we create blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more, that are aligned with your brand and goals.

Quality Assurance

Before any content is published, our team of human experts will ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Performance Tracking

Our AI tools will track metrics like engagement and ROI, giving you a dashboard that’s akin to a spaceship’s control panel.

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Welcome to Cosmic Consult, the gateway to your marketing universe! As you orbit through the vast expanse of marketing strategies and tactics, Supernova Media is here as your guiding star. Our FREE 30-minute consultation is like a warp-speed journey through galaxies of possibilities. Book now, and let’s launch your brand into cosmic success together!

Delivering stellar solutions

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Meteor Shower Package

Launch your content creation

SEO-Savvy Storytelling

4 custom blog posts

1 custom social media carousel

Basic SEO and keyword research

Nebula Nirvana Package

Elevate your content creation

Cosmic Customization

8 custom blog posts per month

3 custom social media carousels

Advanced SEO and AI analytics

One 30-minute consultation call per month

Galactic Pinnacle Package

Reach for the stars premium package

Stellar Simplicity

12 custom blog posts per month

5 custom social media carousels

Premium SEO, AI analytics, and heat maps

Two 30-minute consultation calls per month