Always On and Always Connected – Mobile Marketing

Mobile is on the fast track to becoming the most wide spread media channel in the world. Over one billion mobile devices are sold annually and worldwide mobile advertising revenues are expected to reach $3.5 billion this year and predicted to hit $24 billion within 5 years. Always on and always connected – Mobile marketing is the most personal and interactive marketing available ever. It can reach people when they are actually out living their lives and making purchases. It can drive people … [Read more...]

You can be TRACKED by your cell phone!

You can be TRACKED - Mobile Phone GPS Tracking Today, most mobile phones are not limited to carry on just a conversation. Also, things like mp3 players, digital cameras , video cameras and even watches can have the ability to track your location. GPS Tracking features now offer the capability of tracking any mobile phone user. GPS feature in mobile phones gives you an ability to be tracked. Is that a good thing? I wonder. It is good if you are the one who is tracking the mobile phone for the … [Read more...]