9 Steps to a successful 2014 social media strategy w/infographic.

Do you have a social media strategy plan for 2014? Not that long ago the majority of businesses were using direct marketing, mail, print advertisements, telemarketing, trade shows and emails to engage the general public and get them interested in the products or services they are selling. Enter the social media era, and everything has changed. According to Statistic Brain, today 58% of all adults worldwide are using some form of social media via laptops, mobiles, tablets, e-readers, and … [Read more...]

What Content To Share On Social Media

Social media can help your business in so many ways, but... you need to have a solid content strategy to support the goals you want to achieve. These goals can vary, you may want: to drive traffic create a greater following boost engagement generate revenue  Small businesses often struggle with what to share on social media. The following are some ideas of what you can share on your social media profiles: Useful, Helpful Content – Tips, How-Tos, Ebooks, Webinars Your blog is the best … [Read more...]

Are Your Readers Online? The Best Time to Post on Social Media

We are constantly on social media, tweeting, pinning, liking, +1-ing, recommending (click here to see how Canadians are communicating and interacting online). But as someone who’s also running a business you can’t be online all day. And even your social media managers can’t be around all the time. So, the question is how to know when your readers are online? When is the best time to reach them, given the specifics of your audience? Here’s how you can figure it out: Learning by Doing If you use … [Read more...]

9 Step Guide to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn is used for recruiting, job search and networking all over the world, but this social media platform is also a strong enhancement to your companies’ content marketing strategies. Having a Company Page on LinkedIn isn’t just one more site for you to update and monitor. Your business must be where your customers are and LinkedIn is an important channel for you to communicate with your readers and engage a greater following. You can only create a company page with an existing valid email … [Read more...]

Track the Performance of Your Updates with LinkedIn’s New Company Page Analytics

LinkedIn’s timing can’t be better. Just a week after they launched Sponsored Updates for Company Pages  to increase their exposure and reach broader audience, they introduced their new analytics support, so now those of you who want to experiment with the tool will have a better understanding of how successful your updates/posts were. With all the buzz around Facebook and Twitter analytics, it’s kind of strange they waited so long to release such product. And now that it’s here you can use it … [Read more...]

The New Sponsored Updates Will Boost Your Exposure on LinkedIn

Sponsored Updates have been part of Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, and from July this year they are included in LinkedIn too. The best professional social networking site introduced the new feature with a few sample posts from Mercedes-Benz USA and Adobe. These paid links allow companies and organizations (Company Pages only, for now) to promote their LinkedIn updates to a much larger audience than just the accounts they are connected to. Or, as Linkedin Vice President of Product Management David … [Read more...]

Getting the most out of LinkedIn

Get the most out of LinkedIn by optimizing your profile for search and utilizing it as a powerful lead generation tool. LinkedIn facts: As of August, 2013, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 238 million members in over 200 countries and territories. (with 74 million in the US and 7 million in Canada) LinkedIn is a powerful tool for lead generation; establishing yourself as an authority in your niche market, all the while providing a strong … [Read more...]