5 Tips for a Great Profile Pic

Your profile picture will usually be the first impression someone has when viewing your profile. Profile pics now show up in the SERPs via Google Authorship. Don't miss your chance for a positive first impression. We’ve all done it, changed our profile pic willy nilly.  Used photos of our cat or dog!  Or even a silly cartoon.  I’m personally guilty of doing all of the above.  Now; for personal page this is ok, but when you have a business page you should consider presenting a more branded … [Read more...]

6 reasons you need a Google+ account

Rumored to increase your search engine ranking, First came the +1 button, Google's way of tracking your interests to ensure it serves up the content you like. Shortly after, came Google+ and at it's one year anniversary in June 2012, it had a total of 250 million registered users of whom 150 million are active. What makes Google Plus a game changer is that it integrates search engine optimization and social with your identity into the Search Engine Results (SERPs) page. Then came Google Inside … [Read more...]

Supernova Media announces new website

(1888PressRelease) July 31, 2012 - Formerly Supernova Studios www.supernovastudios.ca Nova Scotia, Canada: Nova Scotia web design and consulting company Supernova Media is pleased to announce our new website. Formerly Supernova Studios, we still offer the same great services with a fresh new look and feel.  Supernova Media specializes in WordPress web design. Our new site features a custom WordPress design, is mobile ready with social media integration built in. We have show cased the endless … [Read more...]

Move your domain keep your pagerank

Recently, we at Supernova Media have changed our branding AND our domain name. (insert yawning face from too many late nights) Changing the domain name for your website and maintaining your search engine ranking takes some work. Our Supernova Studios page has a page rank of 3 (awesome considering the site is only 3 years old) and our new Supernova Media page has a rank of zero. OMG! The following are some suggestions to help you keep your page rank when changing domains for your site. (Note - … [Read more...]

Google’s Authorship in 3 easy steps

Having a strong web presence takes a little work but once complete, the results will speak for themselves.  One of the tools you can utilize is Google's Authorship Program.  In the screen shot below the first thing you notice is the image of Nancy's profile pic.  By placing a face to your web presence you automatically become recognizable to your audience.   Google launched its authorship program last year, which allows authors to get more enhanced listings in the search results by using the … [Read more...]

The Story of Hope

On April 11th, 2012 Lunenburg County RCMP after much investigation initiated a bust at a Lunenburg County home. A female pitbull was seized as she was being used as a guard dog. Enroute to the local shelter the pitbull gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. Oakland Veterinary Hospital took Mama pitbull and her babies into their care and began looking for homes. "Mama" was very underweight and scared, but after just a week at the shelter she had put on weight and was far less timid. She (Mama) is … [Read more...]

Custom Facebook Fan Pages

Do you have a custom Facebook page for your business? How is it doing? Are you pleased with results? It's taken 2 years to build a successful, engaged audience at Supernova Studios What do I mean by successful? 2011 was the first year we earned revenue as a result of this page. Now, if I were to divide that revenue by the number of hours I've invested in this page, well…. I'd have been paid in peanuts. But 2011 is just the beginning and each week we seem to be given a new opportunity. … [Read more...]

“Trust Me”… Building your online reputation

Trust me...... Two words which can make you cringe. If someone has to tell you or ask you to trust them then it’s a good bet you either don’t know them or don’t trust them. Knowing someone (having a relationship with them) is a big factor for trust. I've been getting daily recommendation requests posted to my Facebook profile from various "friends" in my network. Many of the requests are from people I have never met and never done business with. The web casts a spell on people where they may … [Read more...]

How to get noticed on YouTube

Getting noticed on YouTube Producing an engaging video for YouTube is just the first step in launching a successful marketing campaign on YouTube. Rising through the ranks. Now that Google owns YouTube, there’s the added benefit that a video on YouTube automatically goes into Google’s search engine. Videos tend to catapult to the head of the line. It’s a great way to increase your site visibility in the rankings. 1.7 million Canadians watched over 4 billion videos in 2010. As of February … [Read more...]

Social Media – Are you doing it right?

It’s no secret that social media is a hot topic. Every marketer wants to jump into what is — and has been for more than a year — the most dynamic and exciting two-way communications platform since email. The question used to be “Should my company participate in social media?” About halfway through 2009, that question became “How fast can we dive in?” — quickly followed (after a few high-profile failures) by “How do we do it right?” Consider this: recommendations or content from “people like … [Read more...]