AdWords vs Adsense – What’s the difference?

Today’s generation of businesses share their content, merchandise, articles and services on the web. It’s a pretty competitive and tough market. Especially if you have a lot of competition for your keywords like we do at Supernova. ie: Nova Scotia Web Design. A lot of factors come in to play when Google determines the order of search results when you type in a search query like: Nova Scotia Web Design:

  • Googlebots crawl billions of sites looking for new and updated content. The more often you add fresh content to your site, the more often Googlebots will crawl your site. Can Google find your site? Are you adding fresh content regularly?
  • Indexing. Googlebots search your pages for instances of keywords, used in relevant places such as Title tags and ALT attributes. For more tips on using keywords, read Using Keywords Effectively.
  • Page Rank. Inbound links increase your page rank especially if they are based on the quality of your content. Some SEO experts also say the age of your site will affect your page rank, with authority given to older sites.

Google gives two types of search results when users type in a search term. Organic  and paid. Organic search results are those that most closely match the search term and paid results are advertisements. You can tell the paid results because they usually have a shaded background.

If you’re struggling to show up in organic search results, you may want to consider Google AdWords. Advertising online via Google AdWords has a large reach and is the way many sites thrive or even survive online

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is one of the many pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms that generate revenue depending on the number of clicks.

  • You set a dailybudget that you are comfortable with (that you can change any time). There is no minimum spend.
  • You are not charged when your ad is displayed, only when your ad is clicked and your website is visited.
  • The maximum cost per click bid determines how high up in the SERPs you page will appear

Google AdWords Sample

Google offers different types of AdWords and with staggering mobile statistics don’t rule out purchasing ads that show up on mobile devices.

Supernova Tip: be sure you have Google Analytics installed prior to beginning an AdWords campaign so you can monitor results, bounce rates, etc.

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense

AdSense is a great way to generate revenue from your site by adding “Ads by Google”. The ads for AdSense are provided by Google Adwords. AdSense is free, but you must apply and have your site approved by Google in order to participate. The more content you have, the better chance you have of getting accepted into the program.Once you  have been approved you will be able to create “Ads”, and then be given code to display that ad on your website.

AdSense spiders scan your web site and generate a list of the keywords that your web page is optimized for. Based on these keywords, adswill appear on your page next to each of your articles. Google robots filter the ads for a particular page using language and page content, thereby preventing unproductive ads appearing on the page.Every time someone clicks on one of the ads you receive a commission.

How Do People Join The AdSense Program?

You must be 18 and have a Google Account to apply for the Google AdSense Program. You should have a website or blog or any other content that can be placed in public forum and monetized. Once your account is approvedads will automatically start appearing on the web page that you had linked. Apply for Google AdSense:

Google offers different AdSenseprograms depending on the place and type of content you would like to monetize. Some of the common programs are:

  • AdSense for Contents, which displays ads on a website.
  • AdSense for Search, which displays ads in search results on a website.
  • AdSense for Mobile, which displays ads on mobile sites.
  • AdSense for Feeds, which displays ads on RSS feeds.
  • AdSense for Domains, which displays ads on unused domains.
  • AdSense is also available for qualified publishers and developers for iPhone applications, Web browser games, etc.

AdWords vs AdSense – So.. What’s the difference?

The main difference is that AdWords is used by advertisers and AdSense is used by publishers.

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if i join adwords campaign, will i be automatically get aprroved by google adsense ? thx u


Google Adwords offers some of the best conversion tracking, if not the best conversion tracking, in the world. But guess what? Most businesses advertising on Adwords are NOT using it. They don't know how well their ads are performing on a campaign level, nor an ad group level, nor an ad level, nor a keyword level. All they know is clicks - but setting up conversion tracking will enable Adwords to tell you exactly which campaigns and which ad groups and which ads and which keywords are actually becomes leads or sales. I confess that I spent thousands on Google Adwords without conversion tracking, but now I wouldn't spend another dollar without it. I gotta give credit to Simon for helping me out with it, he can help you too if you call his phone during business hours, his number is 256-398-3835.


Nice blog. Well explained about difference between Google AdWords and AdSense...

Nancy Bain
Nancy Bain

Thanks very much. If we can help you with your campaign, please let us know.