Adding new User to your WordPress Site

I just wanted to make a short blog to outline the simple process of adding a new user to your WordPress Site.  I believe it is best practice to have more than one top level Administrator for your WordPress site.

First make sure you are logged in as an Admin.  From your WordPress dashboard goto the Users Tab,  then click on Add New.  You should new see the following screen:

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Fill in the information as required:

  • Username (required field) –  the username of the new user. This name will also be used as the Login name of your new user.
  • E-mail (required field) –  a valid e-mail address of the new user here. This e-mail address must be a unique one for each user since notification e-mails are sent to this e-mail address.
  • First Name (optional field) – Enter the first name of the new user here.
  • Last Name (optional field) – Enter the last name of the new user in this text box.
  • Website (optional field) – You may enter the new user’s website URL in this text box.
  • Password (twice) – Enter a password for the new user twice here, once in each text box.
  • Send Password – select to have an email sent to the new user with their information. As the Administrator you will also receive an email notification that a new user was added to your site.  This email will only have the new user’s ID and not the password.   [ HINT:  take this email and re-send back it to yourself with the password added to the email so you have a copy in your email file!   😉 ]
  • Role – Select the level of the user’s ability, Administrator is the top level User Role.

Next Click Save,  you have just added a new user to your WordPress site.   [For additional information from WordPress click here.]

 Hope this helps!  Post a reply if you have tried adding a new user or if you have any questions.


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